Christmas shopping complete. Almost.

With our original plans to go to Pittsburgh this weekend thwarted by Mother Nature, Earl and I decided to keep it local and do our Christmas shopping in Syracuse today. So off we went to the behemoth of a shopping experience, Carousel Center. This mall is going to become the largest mall in the United States one of these days, when the plans for DestiNY USA are completed. As it stands now, it’s still pretty damn big.

We navigated from store to store like the old pros that we are, shopping list in hand and burn marks on our palms from too many swipes of the debit card. It’s a cash Christmas this year, as we refuse to go into debt to spread joy to our loved ones. If you’re gonna play, you gotta pay. That’s what I always say. (If you believe that, I have a oceanfront property in Peoria, Ill. to sell you.)

One of the things I always enjoy about Syracuse is the pride in the SU sports teams (Go Orange! Go ‘Cuse!) with t-shirts and hats and everything on everyone everywhere you go. I never had the opportunity to go to college at Syracuse University, but I still bust with pride when I see the orange and blue apparel, posters and other team spirit stuff and I enjoy every opportunity we have to see a game at the Carrier Dome.

Anyways, Earl and I got most of the Christmas shopping done. I now know what I’m buying him this year (all to be ordered online tomorrow). It’s nice to get it all under control a little early in the season!