Labor Day Weekend 2005.

Labor Day Weekend 2005.

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Earl and I have spent the last two days basically relaxing. Yesterday we went for a nice drive (but not too long due to gas prices!) through a portion of the Finger Lakes, making a pit stop at A&W in Cortland for dinner.

The world would not be a good place if these old A&W’s ever went away for good. Small wonder I love Wisconsin and Iowa so much – A&W country!

When we got home last night we watched “Torch Song Trilogy” on the TiVo with a bowl of popcorn and a glass of iced tea. We then called it a night but there’s a rumor that Earl went to the casino after I fell asleep. I can’t confirm this rumor because he didn’t shower me with gifts from his winnings. Then again, it could be because he lost. I guess Lady Luck was on holiday too.

Today we planned on just kicking back and doing basically nothing when my dad called and invited us to a picnic at Selkirk Shores State Park near my hometown. So we hopped in the Jeep and trekked up there for the old fashioned we do an impromptu picnic – sub sandwiches from the local market, a bag of chips to share and a pitcher of iced tea. We had good conversation and walked the entire park, all four campgrounds and the cabin colony. It was surprisingly bare of people, but being late on Labor Day I guess that’s the way it should have been. What was surprising was that the lifeguards have called it a season and removed all lifeguard chairs, ladders, etc. from the swimming area. No swimming at Selkirk again (legally) until Memorial Day 2006 I guess!

All in all I feel refreshed and ready to tackle the short work week.

More pictures from the weekend are here.