Winter Driving in Wyoming County.

Today I embraced my loner side and went for a long drive through the Empire State, taking notes for my road geek site along the way. I enjoyed all aspects of the ride very much, but after being married for a decade, it’s just not the same when Earl is not along with me, even if he’s just snoring in the passenger seat. I missed his presence.

I’ve been told that I find the mundane fascinating and I suppose this is no exception, but I really like rural Wyoming County west of the Finger Lakes. I’m guessing it’s named Wyoming County because it’s flat and primarily farmland and it looks a little bit like the state of Wyoming. While the area didn’t have nearly the amount of snow common for this time of year, it did give me my first nibble of winter driving of the season. It was a pleasant experience, though I now miss Wyoming.

When all was said and done, I passed through 15 counties in twelve hours. I made the obligatory stops at Tom Wahl’s for lunch and Tim Horton’s for a snack. Oh, speaking of food, if you’re ever in Rochester, be sure to stop at The Highland Park Diner. It’s a great experience for all.