September 20, 2005

For The Love Of Video.

Ain’t technology grand. I’m finding myself using iChatAV more and more these days. Now my mother is on there (through AOL Instant Messenger) and we’re video chatting back and forth. Once my sister gets her internet connection going while she’s in Russia, it will be a much cheaper way to keep in touch!

My little indicator over there on the right side of my blog page lets you know when I’m online if you want to drop a line and say hello.

Now I have to remember to keep my clothes on.

Crockpot Goodness.

Keeping within the Domestic Diety theme of the week, I got up early this morning and got a head start on preparing tonight’s supper.

Now that you’re back upright after falling on the floor, shall I continue?

Earl does most of the grocery shopping for our happy little household. He likes to go to the big supermarket that’s reasonably close to us (it’s called Hannafords), put on his iPod and buy the necessities for the week. I usually drop a fair number of hints of what I’d like so that I can get in on the Emeril game and he obliges. This past Sunday I mentioned that it might be fun to fire up the crockpot again and get into autumn mode. He picked up the necessary ingredients for a couple nights of crockpot fun.

Tonight we are having pork tenderloin with carrots, potatoes and celery. He picked up this little seasoning packet that made the whole process so easier. Just slice, dice, cut, add water and spices and set the crockpot to auto-shift. Even a fool like myself can do it.

I much prefer having to put out the extra effort to do things this way rather than finding some microwave-able frozen dinner, pulling back the cellophane and punching in “5-0-0” on the keypad and hoping for something good to come out of it. I’ve mentioned before that though I grew up with the Radarange/microwave, I don’t really trust it and they’re going to find that it’s bad for you any time now.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s crockpot dinner. I’m so giddy I could hug the crockpot itself.

Now I think I’ve gone a little overboard.