August 2005

Another Gassy Thought.

I just had a wildly innovative brain storm about the recent surge in gas prices.

Go metric.

That’s the answer. After all, if the U S Government can adjust the clocks with the idiotic Daylight Saving Time extension so that we save energy and make people happier by giving them “more sunlight”, why doesn’t the U S switch to metric measurements so gas is only $0.82 a liter?

Seeing $0.829 up on a gas pump would make everyone feel so much sunnier.

Rape, Only $3.29 A Gallon.

Driving home to work today, I noticed a traffic jam building ahead at a busy intersection. Thinking there was an accident, I rolled my eyes slightly at the thought of all the clueless drivers who had to slow down to see if there was a disembodied head or something. But I was wrong. They were all trying to get into the gas station that still offered gas at the staggering low price of $2.99 a gallon.

This busy intersection has three gas stations strategically placed. One of the gas stations is a full service deal, complete with car wash. They’re gas was $2.99 a gallon. The second is a recent addition to the existing dairy/convenience store that has stood there for years. They’re gas was $2.99 a gallon.

The third gas station is another matter.

When I first moved here it was your standard Mobil Convenience Mart type setup. They had the cheapest gas in town and I loved them. But then Mobil decided to move out of the area for the most part and sold all the area stations to this blasted convenience store called, well, it’s really close to rhyming with “Asshat”. If you thought FAST, you would be on the right TRAC. Said gas station franchise has sprung up like a red and black zit throughout Upstate N.Y., complete with a cheap swill for gasoline.

They have the nerve to be charging, get this, $3.29 a gallon. That would be Three Dollars and twenty-nine cents a gallon for the low grade, make your engine knock cocktail.

The bastards.

I was quite pleased to see that the local residents have come to their senses and are ignoring that station (for the most part) and forming gas lines for the other two that offering a better product for a lower price. “Asshat” has gone out of its way to keep prices high in this area. Since they have the most locations around here, they think they set a trend. But even if the others buck the trend for only 12 or 18 hours, I’m still pleased. It’s putting them in their place.

When I left for work this morning gas was $2.63 a gallon. The same gas station jacks the price to $3.29 a gallon within 10 hours? Ludicrous.

I realize that there are issues affecting gasoline supply and whatnot. But this really borders on price gouging.

I’m riding my bike to work on Friday to protest.

How Can I Complain?

As I browse through the articles, blogs and photos of the destruction left by Hurricane Katrina I ask myself, how can I complain about a pool that’s gone green or a grandmother obsessed with her change purse at the dollar store?

Our thoughts are with you all affected by Katrina.

Everybody’s Free to Not Irritate Me.

A couple of weeks ago one of the blogs I read, OPIEblue, mentioned that song from a couple of years ago that talks about always wearing sunscreen. I think the title is “Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen”. Ever since reading that blog entry and thinking about the song and what not, I’ve had little Nuggets of Wisdom bouncing around in my head that I thought I’d take the time to share. I fully support these beliefs and feel that they lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Live A Little In The Express Lane. If you’re in the 20 items or less lane at the market, department store or convenience store, don’t show a lack of courtesy to those behind you by counting out $33.16 in pennies to pay for your purchase. Either fork out the green stuff or swipe your ATM card through the slot. Live on the edge and risk the ID theft by using your credit card. Those behind you will thank you.

Burn Your Checks. In this day and age, writing a check at aforementioned establishments only convinces those behind you that you don’t really have the money for your purchase and are trying to play the obsolete “float” game. Writing a check indicates that you have no grasp on today’s financial methods and that you really need to get a clue.

Use The Lane. While making a left turn on a multi-lane highways, it’s more acceptable to use the left lane for this purpose rather than inconsideratly dashing across the roadway at the last possible moment. Just because you have a ridiculously huge vehicle does not necessarily mean you have the biggest balls. Actually, it’s usually indicative of quite the opposite.

Drive. Keeping within the vehicular motif, when you’re behind the wheel of the car, please take a moment and actually drive the vehicle. Pay attention to the task of actually maintaining highway safety for yourself and those around you. There’s no need to put on makeup, shave, make a bagel, watch television, read a book, curl your hair, IM your best friend, smack the kids around or masturbate while you’re moving at 65 MPH on the freeway.

Believe. No matter what your spiritual beliefs are, please enjoy your relationship with your chosen deity and revel in it. But don’t beat others over the head expecting them to follow your path to enlightenment. Many worship a God, some worship money, but few worship a “Bible Beater”.

Start off Clean. When you go to bed Sunday night, ready for the work week that lies ahead, go to bed with the washer and dryer empty and the clothes put away. You’ll thank yourself for it the next morning and you’ll have something to wear after staggering around in the early Monday morning.

Smile. Let them see you smile. Smile on the inside. Smile on the outside. Laugh out loud. You’ll feel much better and you’ll be known as the person that can light up a room.

Show Respect. Treat others with respect, no matter who they are or what they’ve done. Every human being deserves respect, even if they’ve just pissed you off beyond belief. Degrading another is a feeble attempt at reconciling a flaw within yourself.

And always remember to wear sunscreen.

Trying To Play By The Rules.

I’m trying to be a good little soldier at work and play by the system administrator’s rules. This is unusual for me because after all, I know it all, but nevertheless I figured I should set a good example by using all the correct tools provided on our computers for our job. Unfortunately, this means I must use Windows XP, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook.

I’ve installed the “MSN Toolbar” so that I can have tabs in Internet Explorer. Since I’ve done this, it’s hosed my “Internet Options” screen so that every time I try to make a change, the program freezes and I have to “force quit” it. (Sorry for the Apple lingo there).

In Outlook, when I delete a message, it stays there until I “Purge Deleted Items”. Sounds like a supermodel fantasy, but it’s an unnecessary extra step.

Also in Outlook, whenever our database program tries to send an e-mail out automatically, I have to answer “Yes” to a “Another program is accessing your e-mail!” dialog box twice, wait 10 seconds and then do it again. I must say that’s a glowing example of productivity.

Then we have Updates automatically downloading, virus programs installing new virus definition files and all other sorts of bits and bytes horseshit.

Can you tell I’m getting a little frustrated here?

Nevertheless, I’ll get through it. Can’t guarantee that the monitor will make it in one piece though.

I’m going to give my PowerBook a hug when I get home tonight.

Safe Journey Sis.

Originally uploaded by macwarriorny.

My sister is off to Moscow in the morning, so Earl and I met up with my mom and her for dinner tonight. It was a great dinner with pleasant conversation.

She’s very excited about the trip and getting to see her boyfriend again after a month of his being away. He’s a pro hockey player playing for the Moscow Spartak.

You know, it’s kind of funny because I see many families where the siblings don’t get along that well, but Jennifer and I have always been close. Perhaps its because we’re two years and five days apart in age, so we always shared birthdays. Or maybe its because we just kind of played together and stuff when we were kids. As we get older I think we’re getting closer. She’s a great sister and a wonderful friend.

I’m just sorry I forgot the camera and had to resort to the cell phone!

Swimming. The Battle.

Earl and I have a four-foot above ground pool in the backyard. It was one of the items that attracted to us to the house back in December 2003, because after all, anyone who is anyone swims in December in Upstate New York.

What fools are we.

As I sit in the kitchen today and look out at the pool, I note that it is a lovely emerald green. It doesn’t quite match the grass in hue, but it’s working on it. I wonder if it’ll change color with the leaves.

Actually, it’s not like we’re harboring a swamp back there. The pool water is clear, but the sides and the bottom of the pool are green. It began its journey to green during our trip to Indianapolis a week or two ago, after being filled with beautifully clear, chlorinated goodness for three quarters of the summer. I hate to admit this, but I’m thinking of stopping at Wal*Mart (Always White Trash, Always) to see if they have any pool supplies left amongst the Halloween candy, winter coats and Christmas lights they are currently featuring. I’ll probably end up at the pool supply store, which features wood stoves as well. Maybe I can fill the pool with wood fire pellets.

A couple of days ago I entertained the idea of dumping all the household Chlorox into the pool and seeing what kind of stew that would make, but then I heard someone say on the radio “Do you do your laundry in the pool?” Now that’s silly. I don’t even wear any clothes in the pool, why would I wash them there?


This morning it’s back to reality after a fun-filled weekend. The news is filled with updates on Hurricane Katrina. I love wild, intense weather and while I wish I was able to witness the awesome power of Mother Nature, my thoughts and prayers are with those that have evacuated the gulf coast and with those that have chosen to stay.

My sister is leaving for Moscow tomorrow morning. My prayers are with her and David as well.

Earl is on the road for work and I’m hoping he has a productive, “stress-lite” day today.

I feel like I’m doing a lot of praying today.

Television Gone Mad.

While we were hanging out with our friends Tim and Steve over the weekend, they told us about a “Boy Meets Boy” parody on MadTV from a couple of years ago. I found the clip online, I just love it.

Click “Andra” to enjoy (requires Quicktime).