September 7, 2005

Heart Like A Wheel.

I downloaded the latest greatest hits album from The Human League on iTunes yesterday. This collection is entitled, “The Very Best of the Human League” and contains all remastered versions of their classics, including the track that never made it to the states in ’01, “All I Ever Wanted”, which by the way is an awesome track.

Anyways, back in 1989 they came out with a song called “Heart Like A Wheel”. It barely made the Top 30, but it was pretty big in the clubs. I find some of the lyrics very interesting.

Sell your soul for a holy war,
Set the captive free.
We make no promises anymore,
But it isn’t fooling me.

Heart like a wheel,
Turning away from anything that’s real.
Heart like a wheel,
Changing in time, beating cold as steel.

You can’t keep the wheels turning anymore,
With anger, blood and fear,
Or make any friends with an M-16,
When you blast your way through here.

Interesting that this track was written when there was a Bush in office.


Just in time for my first club gig in years, iTunes proudly announced today that they have the entire Madonna catalog available for download.


As a baby DJ back in the late 1980s I practiced my mixing techniques with two artists. The first was “Stars On 45” and their infamous medleys. “Stars On Stevie”. “Stars On Abba”. “Stars on The Beatles”. It went on and on. They served their task of being the first lesson in mixing very well because of the hand claps on the 2nd and 4th beat of every measure, of every medley. You just lined up the claps within a 32-beat measure and voila!, instant club mixing. All the medleys were relatively the same beats per minute so that made the task that much easier.

Mixing up Madonna tracks was like moving to the advanced class. Madonna was THE dance artist in the mid 1980s. But she varied her tempo a little. Changed up the mood a little bit. It didn’t take long to learn that “Material Girl” was not going to mix into “Justify My Love” unless you pushed it really hard, which then would result in a train wreck. The 12-inch single of “Vogue” lent itself to sampling, since the “Ladies with an attitude…” lines were a cappella. You could drop those babies over anything. You could scratch them a little bit. It was all good times.

It’s so nice to have her catalog FINALLY available on iTunes.

Also announced today – the latest version of iTunes for both Mac and Windows, as well as the iPod Nano and the Motorola lots of alphabet letters and numbers mobile phone with iTunes built in.

English 101.

People! Listen up. Here’s a quick English lesson for you.

“I need to lose some weight so my pants will be loose.”

Lose is spelled with one “o”. “I’m going to lose my mind.”

Loose is spelled with two “o”‘s. “She’s pretty, but I hear she’s loose.”

Where in the world has the art of language gone? For the love of DIETY$, please get a grip on spelling.

Only The Latest And Greatest Get Help.

O.k., I’m baffled by this one. According to this article, those affected by Hurricane Katrina that wish to apply for aid online from FEMA MUST use Internet Explorer 6.

For those not familiar with the software, Internet Explorer is a web browser bundled in with Windows, which allows you to browse the internet. It’s what lurks behind the big “E” on the Windows desktop.

So this FEMA website can not be accessed by anyone with a non-Microsoft (Mac, Linux, Unix, etc.) computer, as well as those running Firefox instead of Internet Explorer (usually due to security concerns like adware, malware, viruses, etc.) or any older computer that hasn’t been upgraded to the latest version of the software.

While the internet was designed to be accessible by all, regardless of operating system or platform used, Microsoft has introduced several proprietary extensions to Internet Explorer that stray from the standard, and leave other web browsers out in the cold.

Nice planning FEMA. If you don’t have a Windows computer, you can call FEMA directly at 1-800-621-FEMA (1-800-621-3362).