I was chatting with a co-worker today, while being wildly productive at the same time I may add, about the fact that this area is really lacking in the Wi-fi/Internet café department. Yes, we have a 3/4 sized Barnes and Noble with a cute Fisher-Price coffee bar, which does offer wi-fi, but it’s not the same. There’s surly yuppies that parallel park themselves and don’t move for hours, slowly sipping on their venti whichamajoogies as if they were trying to suck water out of a stone. SLUUUUURP.

Of course, I could always go to Panera, but like many other chain establishments in this area, its gone right down the crapper in the quality department. There’s something about the chain restaurants and stores around here. It’s like the lack of culture around here takes over and all standards of quality go right down the drain. Hell, our beautiful Target now looks like an old Zayre, complete with the smell of burned popcorn. Not that I didn’t enjoy Zayre, because I did, but Target was always suppose to be more upscale than that, and here its not.

Then we have JCPenney that looks like a poor man’s Woolworth. *Loved* Woolworth back in the day, but the bargain bin approach this JCPenney is taking would make James Cash himself spin in his own grave.

I want something very trendy with free wi-fi where I can get a hot green tea frothy something and show off my Powerbook and associated smarts. I want to get hot and bothered in public on my cam, wildly teasing others with my thirst for technology and then giving them the satisfaction of heading home, leaving bystanders to wonder just what was going to happen with my Powerbook when I got there.

But no, the closest thing we have is McDonalds on a good day and that’s just not going to cut it.