The National Mustache Mention.

I am an avid listener of Sirius/XM’s POTUS (Politics of the United States) on channel 124. Listening to POTUS keeps me engaged with the affairs of the country during my daily commute and while there are times when I have had absolutely too much political news and I search for something else, most of the time I end up listening to POTUS. In the morning I listen to “The Morning Briefing”, I catch a few moments of “The Press Pool” at lunch time and on the drive home I listen to “Stand Up with Pete Dominick”. Interesting stuff.

One of the features of the program, The Blogcast with Pamela Kirkland, Pamela mentioned the “Million Mustache March” that took place in DC on Sunday. Please note that Sunday was the first of April. The “Million Mustache March” was a protest demanding tax breaks for the fuzzy faced, equality for all with facial hair. After the mention of the story, Morning Briefing host Tim Farley mentioned that it’s been a long, long time since we’ve had a president with a mustache. So I tweeted this1:

Imagine my surprise when later in the program (around 0720 ET), Tim came out of a break mentioning the first tweet they had received of the day. And it was my tweet. He mentioned me by first and last name, kind of sarcastically mentioned that with all the problems in politics, this is what I was tweeting about (I was keeping within the spirit of the “Million Mustache March” but apparently couldn’t convey that in 140 characters or less) and then mentioned that I have a rather large, “handlebar like mustache” on my face, with something the size of a small country under my nose.

Honestly, I take that as a compliment. I love my large mustache and I have no plans on taming it or trimming it down. I’m just letting it grow and go where it wants to go.

The mention of it on Sirius/XM kind of gave me the jolt I needed to wake up for the day. So I thanked them with another tweet and went on with my commute.

Thanks, Sirius/XM POTUS 124! You made the small country under my nose ride along with the grin on my face.

1 When I tweet during my commute, I am usually stopped at a stop sign or pulled over on the side of the road. Even in the small country under my nose, one has to act responsibly.