Not Here.

I’ve been looking forward to this day for a long while. Like a young child at Christmas, I’ve been counting down the days until the release of one of my most favorite television shows on DVD.

“Can I help you with something?”, the young person behind the counter asked, really not interested but making a fair attempt at going through the motions.

I resisted the urge to respond with “No, I’m just browsing”, as said clerk was standing behind the customer service counter at Circuit City and all that was behind her was a running conveyor belt with no items on it. “I’m looking for a DVD set that was released today. Could you tell me if you have it in stock?”

“What’s it called?”, she asked as she fumbled with the ancient text terminal in front of her. I imagined the green characters dancing on her uninterested gaze.

“The Secrets of Isis.”, I replied.

“What?”, she asked, “The Secrets of …”. Gene Rayburn or Brett Somers weren’t around so I played my own version of Match Game.

“Isis”. I didn’t even need a card, a circle or a triangle to fill in the blank.

“Isis”, she parotted. She obviously had no idea what I was talking about.

“Yes, ‘The Secrets of Isis’. It’s a Saturday morning show from the mid 1970s. It was part of ‘Shazam!’.” I put my hands out in a yoga like stance and said “Oh mighty Isis.” I was doing this chant, right there in our Barbie dreamhouse version (think half-sized) of Circuit City. I somewhat hoped that the lightning bolt would strike and I’d turn into Blue Marvel right in front of her, but the gods helped me keep my alter-ego disguise intact.

“How do you spell it?”

“Isis. I-S-I-S.” Becoming quite perturbed, I resisted the urge to shriek out the letters as I spelled out my favorite superheroine’s name, but looking back I think it would have added the special touch to yell like that spelling bee champion did a number of years ago.

“Oh, here it is. We don’t have it.”

“Why not?”

“It’s not a popular item.”

“It was released today. How do you know if it’s popular or not?”

“The computer says it’s not popular”, she retorted. Apparently the ancient text terminal at Circuit City is all knowing.

“Do you expect to have it soon?”

“No. Stores our size aren’t slated to carry it.”

I was going to get all sarcastic about the size issue when I decided to take the superhero route and simply responded, “Thank you for your help.”

After twenty miles and six stops at different Mini-Me versions of the stores in our area, I returned home empty handed.

“The Secrets of Isis” was released on DVD today. Tonight, many fans of the show are reliving memories and watching episodes in glorious DVD quality.

I must wait until Thursday. That is when my order from Amazon arrives.

Coming Soon.

My friend Sean at Idle Eyes and a Dormy just sent me the link to the cover art for the upcoming DVD release of “The Secrets of Isis”. What a beautiful way to start a day.

Here’s a link to the article. By the way, I’m the one that’s been changing Wikipedia back to “The Secrets of Isis” (with ‘secrets’ a plural) because that’s the way it’s suppose to be. I might be hazy on a few things about my childhood, but I am never hazy about Isis.

Andy Mangels, author and comic book editor (and bear!), is guiding the project, which is scheduled for release on July 24.

Isis DVD.

Cheering Up.

The street date for “The Secrets Of Isis” has been announced. Ladies and gentlemen, arm your credit cards for a July 24, 2007 purchase! w00t!

“The Secrets of Isis” is my most favorite of the live-action superhero shows. And with Andy Mangels at the helm of the special features on the DVD set, I just know this is going to rock. Andy appeared on the Wonder Woman DVD special features as well. I’ve chatted with him on a number of occasions and he is a great guy. We have a lot of common interests.

Back On The Page.

Earl and I have fallen back in love with the series “Heroes”. This week’s episode is starting to tie some points back together while keeping the storyline interesting and thought provoking. I really enjoy Claire Bennett, the cheerleader and Hiro, the man that can bend time and space. Of course I’ve mentioned that I enjoy Greg Grunberg as well, not only is his super power awesome (ability to read minds), he’s quite woofy as well.

If you haven’t caught the series yet, download it on iTunes so you’ll be ready when it returns in January.

By the way, am I the only person that remembers that once upon a time there were no reruns until summer? What’s all this with taking breaks in the middle of the season? It’s just not fair.

New Toys.


Earl and I have been playing with Tagada, our new Mac Mini all night. One of the programs included is called “Comic Life”.

I really like this program. It’s a whole new outlet for my superhero creativity!

I also took the opportunity tonight and created a little photo album of beach shots from Southwick Beach State Park. You can take a peek here if you so desire.

Who Wants To Be A Superhero?


I’ve found one reality show that I’m really enjoying this summer. It’s not Big Brother. It’s not Catwalk or whatever that model show is called. No, it’s something a little further than reality.

I’m really diggin’ “Who Wants To Be A Superhero?”

Shocking, isn’t it?

Found on the SciFi channel Thursday nights at 9:00 Eastern (do they still say 8:00 Central?), comic book genius Stan Lee is looking for the newest superhero for his next comic book. There’s the usual reality show twists and turns and eliminations and all that, but what I like about this “reality show” is that they are looking for a human that really is a superhero on the inside. We’re only at the second episode right now, but it looks to get really interesting.

My favorite superhero right now is Major Victory, mostly because he looks the part. He’s a little overboard with the cheesiness. I’m not getting a superhero vibe from the others at all, except perhaps for Fat Momma. I look forward to learning about the others as the series progresses.

At first I was cheering for Levity, but he let it slip that he hoped to make some loot by selling toys he designed in his likeness. Come on Levity, every gay man knows that Wonder Woman donated all the money from the dolls sold in her likeness during World War II to charity. You shouldn’t use your superpowers for financial gain.

I’m really hoping they do a second run of this next summer. Now there’s one reality show I’d definitely try out for.

Superhero Saturday.

So it’s been raining like crazy today. On-call has kept me busy but not crazy. What does one do? Devote the day to “Superhero Saturday”, of course.

In keeping with the theme of Superhero Saturday, Michael wrote about his memories of Wonder Woman. I received an e-mail from another superhero freak asking me for a copy of the 2001 pilot episode of ElectraWoman and DynaGirl featuring Markie Post in the title role.

Superhero Saturday was originally going to be devoted to videotaping some superhero movie footage, but the weather wasn’t cooperative. So instead I watched some superhero shows and took a walk down memory lane with my favorite, Isis.


You can watch Andrea Thomas turn into Isis in the very first episode here (requires Quicktime). I’ve always found “The Secrets of Isis” to have several appealing elements: a beautiful woman with a wonderful speaking voice in the starring role, groovy 70s special effects and an enchanting musical score. And let us not forget the times that hunky Captain Marvel showed up to help out.