Who Wants To Be A Superhero?


I’ve found one reality show that I’m really enjoying this summer. It’s not Big Brother. It’s not Catwalk or whatever that model show is called. No, it’s something a little further than reality.

I’m really diggin’ “Who Wants To Be A Superhero?”

Shocking, isn’t it?

Found on the SciFi channel Thursday nights at 9:00 Eastern (do they still say 8:00 Central?), comic book genius Stan Lee is looking for the newest superhero for his next comic book. There’s the usual reality show twists and turns and eliminations and all that, but what I like about this “reality show” is that they are looking for a human that really is a superhero on the inside. We’re only at the second episode right now, but it looks to get really interesting.

My favorite superhero right now is Major Victory, mostly because he looks the part. He’s a little overboard with the cheesiness. I’m not getting a superhero vibe from the others at all, except perhaps for Fat Momma. I look forward to learning about the others as the series progresses.

At first I was cheering for Levity, but he let it slip that he hoped to make some loot by selling toys he designed in his likeness. Come on Levity, every gay man knows that Wonder Woman donated all the money from the dolls sold in her likeness during World War II to charity. You shouldn’t use your superpowers for financial gain.

I’m really hoping they do a second run of this next summer. Now there’s one reality show I’d definitely try out for.