April 13, 2024

Roughin’ It.

I’m currently at our friends’ house in North Carolina. I’m traveling solo this weekend, as evidenced by my flight photos from Thursday evening. The opportunity to travel like this, and keep working at my day job simultaneously, is something I enjoy about the New Economy. I have always wanted to live a “digital nomad” lifestyle. This weekend’s trip approaches that concept. I head back to the desert on Tuesday evening.

Jeff and Mark live in the Raleigh-Durham area. Their home is surrounded by woods. It’s peaceful. It also has one scrap of copper DSL line feeding Internet to their home and home offices. Cable TV is not an option for them, it’s Frontier DSL or nothing.

This type of DSL isn’t know for its blazing speeds. I’ve discovered I’ve been spoiled by excellent Internet access in our last three homes. In the desert we get nearly “gigabit speeds” over our connection with Cox Communications. This Frontier DSL connection here in North Carolina is reminiscent of the connection we had back when we first moved into our home in Upstate New York back in late 2003.

Editing video and sharing content here over their Internet connection is reminding me of some of the challenges I may have with connectivity while on my Storm Hiking Trip next month.

I guess I’ll just spend some time enjoying the Zen like atmosphere in these parts.*

(It took 4 minutes to upload that photo).


Apparently the birds have been going back and forth to a local rooftop. Truman has often stationed himself on Earl’s desk to watch the action. He complains if the blinds are not opened a sufficient amount so he can see what his flying friends (or foes?) are doing.