Superhero Saturday.

So it’s been raining like crazy today. On-call has kept me busy but not crazy. What does one do? Devote the day to “Superhero Saturday”, of course.

In keeping with the theme of Superhero Saturday, Michael wrote about his memories of Wonder Woman. I received an e-mail from another superhero freak asking me for a copy of the 2001 pilot episode of ElectraWoman and DynaGirl featuring Markie Post in the title role.

Superhero Saturday was originally going to be devoted to videotaping some superhero movie footage, but the weather wasn’t cooperative. So instead I watched some superhero shows and took a walk down memory lane with my favorite, Isis.


You can watch Andrea Thomas turn into Isis in the very first episode here (requires Quicktime). I’ve always found “The Secrets of Isis” to have several appealing elements: a beautiful woman with a wonderful speaking voice in the starring role, groovy 70s special effects and an enchanting musical score. And let us not forget the times that hunky Captain Marvel showed up to help out.