April 18, 2024

First Class.

I mentioned that on Tuesday I flew home from a visit with our friends Jeff and Mark in North Carolina. I was delighted to see on check in that I was upgraded to First Class on the second leg of the trip; IAH Houston to TUS Tucson on a Boeing 737-900. We shall disregard the gate agent who said my luggage was going to Tulsa. It didn’t.

It’s no secret that I enjoy flying First Class, even in the very first row in seat 1A with no storage in front of me, sitting next to an old broad who flipped on Fox News as soon as possible and would gasp every once in a while during her viewing experience with something called Gutfeld courtesy of DirecTV. I was thankful for her complimentary ear buds.

I opted for the chicken dish and a glass of sparkling wine for my dinner selection.

The mashed potatoes were bordering on soup, and the presentation was a little dicey, but as we bounced around the sky I ate my First Class meal and I was grateful for perks such as this.

You’re never in a place where you shouldn’t be grateful.

The old broad watching something called Gutfeld screamed COBB SALAD without taking out her ear buds when the flight attendant was taking our dinner requests. She also had some sparkling water.

Perhaps she needed a glass of sparkling wine to go with her ear buds.


I’ve taken my next step in my video editing adventures and purchased an M2 Pro Mac mini. I bumped up the GPU on this machine so I could have as much graphics processing goodness as my budget would allow. Apple told me it’d be here on Monday; it arrived today.

It’s a very capable little machine that flies along nicely.

My M2 MacBook Air still does a fantastic job and its duties and will be my go to machine for my day to day stuff. And I have always found the MBA to be quite fast. This new Mac mini blows that performance a bit out of the water.

I know Apple should have an M3 Mac mini coming out soon, but I wasn’t in the mood to wait around for it. For what I am using this computer for, I am more than happy with my purchase.

Strap yourself in for some video goodness. Less than a month until my storm chasing adventure!