1. I was wondering if you would be posting anything related to this. (Having read your previous postings on the subject.)

    I’ve watched two episodes of the new series, and I am not impressed. My cliche counter broke about half way through the first episode, and the second was just more of the same. ( I can just imagine how the pitch meeting went: “It will be SOOO cool! Alias Meets Battlestar Galactica! Chicks beating the hell out of other chicks! Imagine the 14 yo fan base!”)


  2. Lindsay Wagner was the spokesperson for the Southern California Ford Dealers for over 20 years so I got to see her for a long time in their commercials after her Jamie Sommers years.

  3. Oh I do like the bionic woman. I haven’t seen the new version yet and while I’m interested in what it’s like, it seems that a fair number of people share your views on it. I’ll have to wait until it’s out in the UK but I’d like to do a comparison nonetheless…

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