April 22, 2024

Apple Love.

I took this photo way back in 2007.

The original photo is in the linked blog entry in the previous paragraph. PowerBook G4.

I loved my Apple PowerBook G4. It was my first Mac laptop, after owning a used PowerMac G4 for a little while to make sure I wanted to jump back in the ecosystem. The photo was inspired by Apple fan iJustine. Back in the day she had a photo of her laying in bed with a PowerBook but I can’t find it anymore. I found her exuberance for Apple products a delight.

My new M2 Pro Mac mini is working splendidly. I did quite a bit of video editing over this past weekend. I’ve been watching tutorials on using Final Cut Pro so I can get better at it. I’ve been using Final Cut Pro for a long while. In fact, I was making videos using Final Cut Pro before the iPhone came out.

Here’s another oldie from about 17 years ago.

Some of the Final Cut Pro tutorials have been by iJustine. I found her demo of Final Cut Pro for the iPad very compelling. I didn’t give the application much credence, but after watching her demo I tried editing some videos on my iPad and it was surprisingly easy and efficient. Apple offers a 30 day trial before the subscription kicks in.

I’m good with that.

I was telling how much positive energy I’ve been feeling since playing around in the creative space again, namely, making videos and the like. It’s a good feeling to create something instead of consuming Internet bits and bytes all the time.