Everyday In Caturday.

Truman was happy to see me when I walked in the house after being away for five days. He looked at me with an air of disinterest, as he tends to do, but I could hear his purring from 10 feet away.

The purrs have continued into the workday.

He’s spent a lot of time in my office with me as I’ve made my way through the workday. We’ve played several rounds of “bat the ball” and he’s had a few treats.

All is well with the world.

Cimarron, Kansas.

cimmaron ks

I could tell by the landscape that we were somewhere over Kansas as UA 531 made its way from ORD Chicago/O’Hare to TUS Tucson International. I’m seated in the very last seat on this Airbus A319, seat 35F. I’m not uncomfortable.

As I watched the landscape go by I noticed the placement of the streets and the adjacent airport of this small town and said to myself, “wait, I’ve been there before”. Sure enough, in June 2021 I had chased a thunderstorm through Cimarron, Kansas. I Quick Look at FlightRadar24 confirmed our flight path and I was indeed looking at Cimarron.

I’ll have to stop by again and say hello the next time I chase storms in the area. It’s a totally random memory but it has made me smile.


Yesterday I wrote about training to maintain some semblance of exercise while in Upstate New York for a long weekend. I’ve been trying to burn more calories on a daily basis for the past month or so; results are starting to pay off.

I believe the world gives us little signs here and there to let us know we are on track. Today there were two random Army soldiers working out in the middle of a field at Onondaga Lake Park. I wanted to get up close and watch them workout, get pointers, etc., but I’m not the sort to do that type of thing and I didn’t want to interrupt their rhythm.

So I watched them for a few moments from the car after my three mile walk and snapped this photo from far away as I way of reminding me of the moment.

It’ll serve as inspiration to continue on my exercise goal, as meager as it may be, because I’m feeling better when compared to a month ago and feeling better at this age is a great thing.

Onondaga Lake Park.

I’ve been trying to keep up some semblance of exercise while visiting Upstate New York. This morning it was unseasonably warm in Syracuse (with temperatures in the high 60s Fahrenheit), so I opted to go for a walk in Onondaga Lake Park.

The park has been a favorite spot of mine since it was expanded and made exercise friendly a decade or two ago.


I’ve mentioned before that as part of my focused interest in “all things connected”, I find power lines to be absolutely fascinating. Like many things modern, the steel “unipole” designs we see being erected in the 21st century don’t interest me as much as the high voltage installations from the early 20th century.

I believe these 115kv pylons date to the early 20th century, probably before 1925. Larger than newer counterparts, this particular design can only be found in the former Niagara-Mohawk Power Corporation region of New York State, specifically in the area around the eastern shore of Lake Ontario and the northern suburbs of Syracuse.


I’m staying with my cousin Sarah during my visit to The Salt City. Before visiting Mom and picking her up for a lunch date, I stopped for breakfast at one of the many Dunkin’ Donuts in the area.

Have you ever seen a more 21st century breakfast?

The truth is, I really like Dunkin’s avocado toast with bacon. It’s not crazy high in calories and it keeps me full until lunch time. Maybe the millennials were on to something.

Back East.

I like the term “back east”. It makes me feel like I don’t live back east anymore, which we don’t. Though today I headed back east solo to visit my mom and other family for the annual holiday visit. Earl didn’t make the trip with me this time so we could save on airline expenses. Airline tickets are not cheap these days.

I really lucked out on the flight from Tucson to Syracuse. The same airplane from Tucson to O’Hare in Chicago was used from O’Hare to Syracuse. So my layover involved no gate change. I was able to score a Chicago Hot Dog from the quick food stand across the gate from the busy terminal.


The flights were uneventful. Due to the unfortunate costs, I sat in plain ol’ economy on this trip and the experience was not bad. I always opt for a window seat which always gives me a sense of having a little more room, but we all know that’s not really the case.

I made myself comfortable though and I had an inch to spare.

My premier status on United still allows me to board with group two, so I can get situated before economy fills up.

I still enjoyed a respectable snack on the flight. Never give up an opportunity to have sparkling wine.

Overall it was a good experience.

Hello, World.

“Hello, world!” is usually the first thing a coder outputs to the screen when they’re learning a new computer language. This has been a thing since the 1980s; I remember doing it on a VIC-20 on display at a local department store.

20 GOTO 10

This would cause HELLO, WORLD to scroll endlessly on the display until someone hit the BREAK key. Good times.

For the last week I’ve been getting up before sunrise and going for a 30 minute walk to start my day. The practice has improved my mood and an improved mood is always a good thing.

This morning’s pre-sunrise sky said “Hello, world!” to me. It was simple, but beautiful.

I could have watched it forever.


I occasionally look at real estate listings to get decorating ideas for our home. I’ve written before that some of the decorating choices are interesting. My question is, do people really mark up their walls with messages like this? I look at fairly expensive homes and I see random markings on the wall, such as the command to “relax” stenciled about the bathtub here.

It’s not my thing, obviously, but I guess I didn’t realize it was as popular as it is, especially in more rural areas of the country.

Good Morning.

It is Sunday morning in the desert southwest. It’s currently 67°F and the sun is shining. Birds are singing in the distance and a few are fluttering around on tree branches. Every once in a while a warm breeze comes down off the nearby Rincon Mountains.

This is peace.

After a stressful end to the work week, some work yesterday morning, and other things that were basically jumbling up my thoughts a little bit, we went out with our friend Marshall last night for dinner downtown and a drink at one of the local gay bars. The particular bar skews older in attendance, and they had a DJ that was playing music from the ’80s. His playlist was really close to what I would have played at that time and I found that rather exciting. We had fun and the stress melted away.

I slept really well last night.

The car is back in our hands; we have a new premium MOPAR battery as installed by the dealer and several sets of fingers crossed that this will fix the issue. The old battery was six months old but the desert southwest is brutal on car batteries. I don’t know how folks with electric vehicles manage it. Maybe it’s the different type of battery or something.

I have a short work week as I’m traveling back east later on to visit family for the annual holiday visit. Insane airline prices have led to an agreement this would be a solo trip; Earl is going to stay home and take care of Truman and the rest of the family. I’ll be sitting in the back of the airplane for this journey, but as I always say, there is no bad seat on an airplane. It’ll be fun sitting in the double digited rows.

Last week I kvetched a little bit about the holidays. Looking over the landscape shown above I still can’t believe that we are 10 or so days from Thanksgiving.

Sometimes it feels like time stands still, probably because of the abundant sunshine and warm temperatures I still haven’t grown accustomed to.

Life could be worse.