July 1, 2024

Free Yourself.

I’m not a fan of most current music. However, as a former club and radio DJ from back in the day, once in a while something grabs my ear and musical sensibilities.

I recently discovered “Free Yourself” by Jessie Ware. Be still my middle aged gay heart.


Judging by the number of filtered out posts marked with “SCOTUS” on my Mastodon feed, I can only assume the Supreme Court laid out some stupid, partisan, greased palm rulings again today.

As a kid I remember being in awe of the Supreme Court of the United States. They seemed like wise people who knew the law and were to be respected. Fast forward to 2024 and I realize two things: 1. They weren’t really that supreme to begin with and 2. The court now is just a bunch of paid off hacks that are doing whatever they can for monetary gain. They’re a bunch of idiots in robes. Honestly, if their stupidity and paid off rulings didn’t impact the populace I wouldn’t give them nine of them a second thought.

It’s kind of disheartening to realize that even in my mid 50s I’ll probably outlive the United States as we know it today. It’s really a shame the Democrats are too weak to do anything about it and the Republicans are gleefully taking us back to days reminiscent of the Third Reich.

I’m still voting for a large meteor. The 50 states will be nothing more than Spirit of Halloween states come November.