July 8, 2024


This blog is approaching 23 years old. Having started out as HTML pages built from scratch, then moved to Movable Type, and then moved again to WordPress, I think it’s been living on the same WordPress platform for 18 years or so.

WordPress has changed a lot over the nearly two decades I’ve been using it.

I’m not completely satisfied with my WordPress experience. There’s a lot of elements that just get in my way. But it does offer a fairly “low friction” experience when compared to some other workflows. I just want an editor where I can easily post media, write a bunch of words, and basically hit “Print”. WordPress still affords me that opportunity, albeit a bit slower than it did in the past. There’s a lot of cruft in the platform.

I’ve been tinkering with the idea of moving something a little less resource intensive, but moving 22+ years of blog posts to a new platform is an extremely daunting task. A good chunk of my life is documented in this blog thingee, missing photos notwithstanding, and I don’t want to lose the words I have written over the years. I also don’t want to lose the comments of others. Even though blogs are not really a “thing” anymore, I do get comments once in a while and they make me smile.

So while I tinker with the idea of moving the whole shebang to another platform, I probably will end up just changing the appearance and tweaking under the hood to make things run a little better and a little faster.

If you see me swinging around wallpapers and chandeliers in here, you know when the dust settles I’ve done everything I can to keep the history alive.