As a bit of a nostalgic kind of guy, I’m in the habit of watching “Password” from the 1960s while writing code for work. I love the manners and classy behavior of the celebrities and the guests on this show, and the simplicity of the game. It’d be later years when we’d have “alphabetics” and “Super Password” and the like. Here the players alternate through ten tries to guess the Password and the winner of the round goes to play the “Lightning Round”.

Betty White met husband Allen Ludden on this show, it’s fun to see Mrs. Ludden exude her “sparkling personality”, as it’s described during her introduction.


So we’ve been watching “Uncoupled”, starring Neil Patrick Harris, on Netflix. It’s an eight episode series and it was released a few months ago. We’re just catching up.

The reviews on IMDB are unnecessarily brutal.

Some compare it to “Sex And The City”. I’ve never seen “Sex And The City”, other than the spoof of it starring Bea Arthur and Charlotte Rae, so I can’t make a comparison. It takes place in New York, the main cast seems to be quite affluent and many of the gays remind me of the gays we encountered back when we lived in Chicago.

Is the show perfect? Not by a long shot, but it’s light and airy, and has a very casual feel to the cinematography that I really enjoy. We have two episodes left in our viewing adventure and I’m looking forward to them. It’s a fun little show!


Truman likes to go out on the roof over the garage in the evenings. I go out there to enjoy the wonderful desert air, and he takes a moment to enjoy the experience with me.

Friday Dance Party.

I still love both of these songs, and it doesn’t matter if it’s wrong or right.

Both songs were produced by the same person. From 1991, Corina “Temptation”. It went to #6 on the Billboard Hot 100.

And from 1991, Lisette Melendez and “Together Forever”. This was reached #35 on the Billboard Hot 100 the same year.

So Small.

Youtube recommended this video to me. I don’t know why, but I can tell you that I could never live in a space this small. It’s not because I have a lot of stuff (though I do), it’s because I could never live in a space the size of a freight elevator. It’s way too close quarters for my liking.


Sometimes I take a photo to remind myself of what I want to write in my blog. Apparently I didn’t do that today, so here’s a selfie from a local restaurant called “Serial Grillers”.



I try to walk every day (when the weather cooperates). I’m not walking nearly as much as I did when we lived in Chicago, and during the desert summer it’s best to walk late in the evening around sunset, but I still try to get at least three miles in a day. As the weather cools down I’ll start riding my bike again.

I’m not pleased with my weight at the moment and walking does not seem to be helping the situation. I think I live with too many good cooks. I need to start eating in “Leave It To Beaver” portions. I also need to know when to ask to be excused from the table.


Part of being a private pilot is doing a thorough pre-flight inspection of the airplane before setting off on an adventure. This is especially important with rental aircraft and double important for those aircraft being used by primary students. The flight school requires that a student pay for damaged tires; the tire shown above has a flat spot. It’s still safe, but it will need to be replaced soon. I’m happy I discovered this before my flight so I don’t get blamed for the flat spot and end up paying for the tire. Take a photo and send it to the mechanic.

The flat spots usually result from pilots having their feet on the brakes with they land. I had a tire blow out on a landing years ago; it’s not a pleasant experience.

Wrapping Up.

Monsoon season is winding down in these parts. The weather forecast talks about dry weather and seasonal temperatures for the foreseeable future. I enjoy the rains of the Monsoon and the ferocity of Mother Nature, except when it penetrates the wall and roof of the house.


Sometimes Truman does his own thing. Here he’s looking cute. A few moments after this photo was taken he bit my arm (gently, of course) to let me know the photo shoot was over. More kibble. Forget the please.