I’m Cheap.

Whomever I’ve dated in the past should consider themselves pretty lucky. I’m cheap.

As I’m sitting here eating my lunch, I’m discovering that I enjoy ramen noodles (or a healthy equivalent) much more than some sit down lunch at a fah-fah-fah-fah-fah type place. With me it’s just add water, zap it in the Radarange, and viola, instant goodness.

A rather uppity restaurant opened up recently across from my office building. Everyday I walk by en route to my car to go home for lunch with my gray and orange lunchpail from Target in tow. I’ve noticed a couple of glances in my direction as I walk by and I can just hear the fancy business suited woman sitting in the window with her $10.00 sprig of lettuce and $5.00 glass of mineral water. “He carries a lunch pail. Let them eat cake. Must be he can’t afford a place like this.”

Who would want to?

If I’m going to slap down some dough for a lunch, I want it to have some substance to it. I don’t need food that dances. I don’t really care about presentation, as long as its recognizable and not a color like fucia, it’s edible. And whether it’s a sandwich, a burger or a soup and salad, it better fill me up but good. I have no need for my taste buds to be tempted by some exotic spice that’s probably going to give me hives or the runs. When it comes to food, kiss (keep it simple stupid). I think that’s why Earl and I gravitate toward diners when we’re on the road, the food is relatively inexpensive but wonderfully good and doesn’t have all the attitude that comes along with an expensive meal.

So to the fancy woman in the restaurant window with entirely too much Aqua-net in your hair, I can hear your little snarky laugh. And I don’t care. I’m proud that I’m a cheap date. Don’t let the exotic spices catch up to you!

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Ever since I entered the corporate world back in 1988, I’ve been hearing that we are eventually going to switch to a paperless office. No matter where I work, we’re going to do our part to save the trees and go electronic. I heard this back when I worked on dumb terminals connected to a mainframe and I’ve heard it as recently as yesterday.

Today I decided to do something about it.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m saddled with a Windows XP computer at work in all it’s unstable glory, complete with Office 2003 with all the bells and whistles. When taking trouble calls, I usually keep a pad and pen near me so I can jot down particulars before creating a trouble ticket. I’ve always found this process time consuming. So today I downloaded a trial version of Microsoft OneNote, which is specifically designed for taking notes.

OneNote is geared more towards college students and from what I understand really shines on a TabletPC, which allows you to save handwritten notes using an electronic stylus as a pen, much like a credit card signature pad found at the market or your favorite department or electronics store.

So now I’m poised at the computer electronically jotting notes into OneNote. I’m finding the software interface a little clunky as I retrain myself to click and type instead of just writing, but if I can save a tree or two in the process then it’s all worth it.

It’s a heck of a lot different than that Manpower gig I had back in 1988 where the manager I worked for (as an administrative assistant) asked me to print out all her e-mails for her!

I think I’ll hug a tree in celebration once the weather warms up.

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Well Earl and I went ahead and did it. After thinking about it, mulling it over and analyzing it from every possible angle, we laid down the cash and went ahead and did it.

We both joined the gym this afternoon.

Look out world, here comes the fierce Dynamic Duo.

Group Effort.

Eating healthy has been the name of the game in our merry little home and Earl and I have been joined by another family member in the quest for a better body.

Our cat Tom is now on the bandwagon.

Tom has his annual trip to the vet a week or two ago. It was the usual routine, he sees the cat carrier and jets underneath anything that would restrict access to him, be it the bed, the couch or the piano. Being the mean ol’ daddy that I am, I coax him out by pulling on one his paws until he follows along, literally kicking and screaming all the way. Then I give him a shove into the cat carrier, in which his paws spring out in every direction but “in”, so I end up turning him this way and that until he finally admits defeat and actually gets in the carrier. On the ride to the vet, anything that will come out of cat, except blood, will. He must figure that it’s easier for him to give all the samples in the car instead of the in the exam room.

It’s such a lovely experience.

Anyways, since Tom has been with us he’s weighed between 10 3/4 and 11 1/4 pounds. This visit he clocked in at 12 1/4 pounds! I resisted the urge to point out to the vet that he was on a different scale for the first time and that he had hit “stop” when the dial was turning and it had stopped on 12 1/4 pounds. Perhaps he was secretly saying “no whammies, no whammies, no whammies.” Who knows.

So he suggested Tom get away from the moist food we were giving him as a side dish to his kibble. He wanted to recommend some expensive, prescription required food but I told him the last time we tried that Tom refused to eat for three days and made everyone’s life miserable until he was served something with flavor.

So we’ve found this light kibble for adult cats. Unlike human food that’s branded ‘lite’, I don’t think there’s splenda in it.

So now that Earl and I are eating heatlhy, we have Tom joining in on the group effort. We’re going to be a fierce looking family come summertime.


J.P. and his mom at dinner.

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I sometimes wonder how many people are as lucky as I am when it comes to family. Tonight Earl and I went to dinner with my mom and we had an absolutely wonderful time. We giggled, we shared stories and we just shot the bull. We (meaning I) drank a little wine too. That would explain the giggling.

I wish every person could be as blessed as I am.

Once A Kid.

While I was surfing around the internet during lunch, I came across a website devoted to one my Saturday morning favorites, ElectraWoman and DynaGirl.

Diedre Hall doesn’t like to talk about this experience too much. In fact, the very first Rosie O’Donnell show I saw had Diedre as a guest and Rosie trying to get her to talk about ElectraWoman. She didn’t really want to chat about that role. Her twin sister was on the show too in one episode; it saved on the special effects budget when they had a good and an evil ElectraWoman.

For some reason, this villain scared the heck out of me when I was kid. Now that I look at her picture, I realize she looks a few of the people I used to see out and about when I was a DJ in the gay bar.

The Empress of Evil
The Empress of Evil, picture courtesy of The ElectraWoman and DynaGirl Webopedia.

Less Than An Hour.

In less than an hour it will officially be spring! Winter will be over and spring will be upon us. I think Mother Nature missed the memo, it’s in the mid 20s right now.

Happy Spring. Have you hugged a daffodil today?


For some reason I awoke this morning in full domestic mode. I wanted to clean. I wanted to redecorate. I want to make this house POP. So after a nice little breakfast, Earl and I started cleaning and scrubbing the house. He did bathrooms, I did the kitchen. I actually scraped enough gunk off the stove to find out the original color of it. It’s off white! Maybe it’s almond. Earl came in and said, “Hmmm… I always thought the stove was avocado.” Nevertheless, it’s looking spiffy now. We’re afraid to cook in fear of getting it dirty.

Earl continued to work on the bathrooms while I tackled the next chore, dusting. I have to admit I’m not a big fan of dusting. I don’t like spraying crap on the end table to make it shine. The cat slides off when he jumps on it and it’s smells way too lemony for my taste. So we just swiffed our way through it with a handy little Swiffer duster. Much quicker and much better.

No cleaning project is complete without mopping the kitchen floor. So I did the honors and found the original tile pattern after a little bit of elbow grease. Earl and I are such sloppy cooks in the kitchen!

I must admit that occasionally I feel overwhelmed by our house. It’s pretty good sized and with both our busy schedules always grinding away, sometimes keeping the house up to health standards can be challenging. We’ve talked about moving to a smaller place just so we wouldn’t have so much work to do to keep the house clean. But I’ve decided I like our home. It just needs a little TLC once in a while.

Next domestic attack: the basement!

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My Invite?

Being in a “music” mood of sorts today, I did some searching around on the internet to see if my two favorite groups from my teen years, The Human League and Animotion, were out on tour these days. I would love to see these two groups perform.

Imagine my surprise to see that they performed *together* in Las Vegas recently! Hello? Where was my invitation? And to think I still have the letter I received from Astrid Plane back in 1985 in response to a fan letter I had written.

It seems like I never have any luck trying to meet The Human League either. I tried pulling strings back when I was a program director for the radio station, no dice. I had to sit in the audience like everyone else.

The closest I can get right now is this lucky fan’s photo on the internet. Time to crank up the iPod baby.
Animotion and The Human League
Astrid Plane of Animotion and Susan Sulley and Joanne Catherall of The Human League with an unidentified fan.

Wow Worthy: Black Fras.

Black Fras

I just listened to a great song called “Moving Into Light (Freemasons Mix)” by Black Fras. This is an awesome Italian House track – now if I could just find the single on iTunes.

XM Radio’s BPM followed it up with “Move Your Feet” by Junior Senior. Another Wow Worthy track, perfect for dancing on a flatbed in a parade.