So it’s getting to that time of year when we are doing that whole transition thing of summer to autumn. We are actually moving into my favourite time of year in these parts. I love the autumn breezes with their slight chill, I love the sound of rustling leaves and I can’t help but feel a certain magic in the air. There is something very enchanting about this time of year to me.

Unfortunately, there is one thing my body has a hard time reconciling with the season and that is time. I have said many, many times before that I am not an early person. I’m not. I try to be. I set my alarm early, hoping to leap out of bed all happy and ready to start my day. I have dreams of working out, doing several loads of laundry, rearranging the spice rack, adding a new room to the house, you name it, all before going to work at 8 a.m.

It seems that I never get these things accomplished.

My body is just out of sync with the man-made concept of time. Before the days of the railroad, each community had their own schedule and “clock”. Noon was determined by when the sun was highest in the sky. I believe that our bodies are wired to be in sync with nature in this regard and that some of us are programmed to be early birds and some of us are programmed to be night hawks (I’m in the latter category). I remarked on Twitter this afternoon that it feels like my day truly begins after I return from lunch because try as I might, I am really stumbling my way through the day before noon. I fake it pretty well but I feel like I’m in a constant state of jet lag. Then I eat lunch, return back to work and I feel like I could plow through eight hours nonstop and actually enjoy the experience. I have told my employer that if I worked noon to 9 that they would get me at my optimum time but unfortunately that shift doesn’t exist. So I fake it.

With the onslaught of Daylight Saving Time the clocks are becoming farther and farther out of sync with what nature has deemed to be “time”. At least when DST is over we get somewhat closer to they way my body wants it to be, but until then I stumble. It’s unfortunate that the previous president extended DST by a few weeks into November, for I just stumble longer.

Nevertheless, here it is 10:33 p.m. and I have been trying to go to bed for the past hour, hoping to catch up on sleep so I can be productive at work tomorrow and then be ready for a fun filled weekend. As you can see by this entry, I have not been successful in this endeavour, for I am wide awake and writing a rather long blog entry. I feel like I could full steam for the next several hours.

But it would make me too foggy tomorrow morning.