Central Park.

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I find Central Park to be one of the most amazing things about the Big Apple. It is a beautiful thing to find such an expansive retreat in the midst of such hustle and bustle; a place where families, friends, strangers or even those seeking solitude can come to relax and take some time to unwind.

Central Park is such a beautiful place.

Earl, Jamie and I spent some time in Central Park today, just relaxing and enjoying the last weekend of summer. I snapped a few photos to share.

Since we were not armed with a blanket or lawn chairs, we opted to sit on a rock in the Sheep Meadow. Nearby, two men played guitar and sang. I didn’t recognize any of the songs but nonetheless they were pretty good.


I liked that they were doing that.

In front of us, an older gentleman picked out his spot, kicked back and read a book. With all the texting that was going on around us, it was refreshing to see someone taking time away from the technological to find some enjoyment.


There was a beautiful slice of society enjoying the weather today and I found the experience to join them to be quite grounding.


I look forward to more visits to Central Park. I seem to find things there that I don’t find in similar (and larger) spaces closer to home.


  1. You know, I’ve only walked quickly through part of the park one time, many years ago. I love your photojournal…..the pics and stories about the people are so perfect.

  2. Nothing going on at Bear Hill on Sunday? I guess not, with the holiday and all.

    We made it to Central Park just once, last June when we were in town for the gay pride march. By day’s end we were exhausted but made it a point to see the park that has been featured in so many TV shows and movies and books, etc. We got to see just the tiniest portion of the park, near Columbus Circle. Someday we’ll be back to see more I’m sure.

    Love the pics, especially that first pic of the two hotties.

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