April 22, 2023


I often spend weekend mornings finishing up half-baked blog entries I’ve written during the week. I also use this opportunity to respond to comments and other correspondence around my social media presence. There’s a few blog entries that remain quite popular, usually those around cash registers, or old department store chains like W.T. Grants.

Data Terminal Systems Series 400 cash register from an abandoned mall (still intact) in Kitsault, British Columbia. Photo found somewhere online. I don’t remember where.

As I was sorting through my email, I saw a message from WordPress, which is the software that supports this blog. I subscribe to WordPress’ “Jetpack” service, even though the blog is self hosted on my own server. The Jetpack service seems worth the money and it allows me to see visitor counts if I so desire, but it also helps in automating much of the maintenance one has to do on a website in these here scary Internet times. It’s less fuss, less muss, and that’s fine by me.

The message in question indicated that I had received several subscriptions for email notifications this week. I was vaguely aware of email subscriptions to the blog, I thought there was a handful of them at most, but it seems there’s many more than I originally thought. So, I’d like to say to everyone that subscribes to my entries via email: Hello! It’s wonderful to have you here.

Taken as I write this blog. I am unfed, unshowered, and unshaven at the moment.

At last night’s dinner, a party of four was seated at the table next to us. They were pleasant and lively and we could hear bits and pieces of their conversation. Apparently one of the members of the party considered himself a YouTube Influencer of sorts and I could hear chatter about video editing and plans on ramping up his channel, though I couldn’t ever discern what his influencing way about. The bits of gray in his large beard indicated he was probably in his 40s. I took a moment to try to find him online last night, but with the small bits of information I was able to glean from eavesdropping, I couldn’t find him anywhere.

I have little desire to be some sort of middle-aged Social Media Influencer. I have no desire to focus on that sort of thing, but when I hear that there’s some people following along to our 21+ years of documented adventures and the what not on this blog, I’m a bit humbled.

So, Hello!


Truman enjoys building forts in his spare time. This week he decided to rearrange all the throw pillows on the bench around the kitchen table and then hide under a certain selection. He has done this since he joined our lives four years ago; many afternoons he can be found burrowed under the blankets on our bed. He’s not one to get under the bed, he prefers being under the blankets.