April 25, 2023


Earlier this month my husband and I went to a local furniture store looking for a new couch for our TV room. The couch we bought when we moved to Chicago in 2017 has not held up as well as we had hoped it would and the furniture store was having a sale so we thought we’d take a moment to browse.

As usual I went off on my own looking at various odds and ends through the store, and since the location is large, I called Earl up and asked him where he was located so we could meet up and settle on a couch.

“I’m on the other side of the wall”. This is what I was looking at when he gave me this vague description.

It turns out he was on the other side of the larger wall, over in the bargain bin area of the store. When he asked me “what other wall is there?”, I showed him this photo.

Our marriage works because in many, many ways we have two different thought processes. I tend to be the more literal one of the two of us. I have always thought literally. As I get older I find my brain is headed further in that direction.

Old age is going to be interesting.