April 9, 2023


I stopped at a local gas station to put a bunch of expensive gasoline into our car. Fuel prices have jumped up a lot in the past couple of weeks, we are currently around $4.299 a gallon.

I feel like an oil executive is getting very rich because of this.

One of the things that agitates me quite a bit is the use of technology for dubious reasons. This particular gas station has decent sized screens built into the gas pumps, much like most of the gas stations in the area. This particular location has seen it fit to put advertising videos on the screen while one is pumping their gas, and the videos in question are very, very loud in volume.

That is, until you bang on the touchscreen enough times to shut things up while you’re being lectured on the virtues of candy and such.

I despise advertising. I used to make a living writing ads for a radio station and I still despise advertising. I am usually quite good at tuning out the idiocy, but when the volume is cranked up to 11, I’m going to start banging on keys until the volume goes away.

I won’t be stopping at this location again.