April 30, 2023

Road Trip.

It’d been a while since Earl and I had gone a day trip. Some of our best memories together have been on these impromptu little trips, so yesterday we decided to set out and have some fun.

Our first leg was through the Green Valley Pecan groves between Sahuarita and Continental. This area always amazes me because of all of the greenness surrounded by the desert. From there we made our way to the top of Madera Canyon in Coronado National Forest.

We stopped at the gift shop at one of the little lodges and had some unsweet tea and a cookie. We also watched the hummingbirds do their thing. They move too fast for photo opportunities.

From there we made our way along Interstate 19 to the border at Nogales and drove along the wall. Interstate 19 will remain signed in metric units, a hold over the planned conversion back in 1980. New signs are going up, replacing the old signs from the late 90s. Though this old sign from back then is still in great shape.

From Nogales we made our way up through Patagonia to Sonoita, where we participated in an impromptu wine tasting. Marilyn was our hostess at Desert Ride Winery. We had oyster crackers between each wine taste and we ended up buying four bottles of wine. The view from the front porch, where we were tasting our wine, was pleasant. I like that area and it’s nice to see Southeast Arizona’ wineries starting to get some traction. Marilyn was very pleasant and I left her a 5-star Yelp review.

We then made our way over to Tombstone and then down to Bisbee, where we had dinner at Bisbee Taste. We had been there once before when we first moved to the area, and our experience was quite enjoyable.

After a lovely meal we may our way down the mountain and across the open desert under the night sky to make our way back home in Tucson. One more peek at the lights in the historic district in Bisbee.

Overall it was a very pleasant day and just what the doctor ordered for our mental health.