April 5, 2023


My husband and I were suppose to go flying this evening. The plan was to enjoy a sunset flight. The current airplane rental schedule is packed and the only time I could get the airplane was from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

The FAA considers night starting at 7:43 PM today. That’s an hour after sunset, so it would have been quite dark and I would have landed before 7:43 PM to keep things legal, as I’m not night current at the moment.

If I went up alone all would have been well but that was not the intent of the flight. So, I talked it over with Earl and mentioned my head wasn’t completely in the game for tonight’s flight and my gut told me to stay on the ground.

He completely agreed.

One of my goals as a pilot is to become a very old pilot, and following my gut in the decision making progress will help me reach that goal.