April 16, 2023


I’ve worked at home for over a decade. I’m wired to work from home and I do well working in my own office with minimal distraction. My career has advanced nicely while working at home.

I heard a news story recently indicating the mayor of Washington, D.C. has been lobbying the U.S. government to have government employees work from offices instead of working from home. Not to increase productivity or anything, no, this is so the employees in question can patronize the downtown businesses in D.C.

This is why an economy based on services and not centered on manufacturing is a bad thing. It shouldn’t be the responsibility of productive employees working from home to prop up businesses in a retail area that are struggling because of hybrid work policies. I believe in small businesses and we should support them in any way. However, small business owners should always be reviewing their business plans and going after the next big thing.