April 6, 2023


As I get older I realize that I have less bandwidth when it comes to patience with dealing with people. I don’t know if the average IQ is really plummeting (I suppose it is) or if people goes as brain dead on the Internet as they do when they step foot in an airport, but sometimes I really want to shake people by the shoulders and say to them, “Are you in there?”

I have the note shown above sitting under my work monitor as a constant reminder that I shouldn’t go into “meltdown mode” whenever possible. I despise the word “trigger” when it comes to human behavior, mostly because it’s a thoroughly overused word, but I do know that blatant willful ignorance is a “trigger” for me. It’s probably a trigger for most people, other folks just handle it better than me. I blame this on the American tendency to giving standing ovations to even the most mediocre of performances just so everyone involved feels good.

Maybe I’m just becoming a cranky old man. I’m actually OK with that.

This week has turned out to be a bit of a downer across the board for me, as it seems like one of those weeks where everything involves swimming against the current. The key is to stay away from the fishing lines. My mood has not been good and I’m hoping to regain my center by the end of the week, so I can enjoy the weekend with the family.

Maybe I just need a good dose of sunshine and fresh air, and step away from my Internet connected devices for a while.