So when I made a conscious effort to start losing weight last Labor Day I had a size 36-inch waist. My pants would fit kind of tight but shorts were comfortable.

Today I am wearing size 33-inch slacks to work for the first time in a long, long while. They’re a little tight but comfortable.

I’m a little excited about the fact that I’m wearing pants this size, but they’re still a little tight, especially when you lean back in the Jeep and try to take a respectable photo of your crotch. I’m used to having a fluffer for these types of photo shoots.

Because I’m wearing smaller pants my stomach is a little confused at the moment. My stomach is saying “eat! eat!” and then saying “but your pants are tight! Your pants are tight!”. This creates a conflict within that can only be resolved by staring at a Dunkin’ Donuts cookie whilst chewing sugarless gum.

At least I still feel motivated, I guess.