Holiday parties are in full swing. Last night I joined my co-workers at a local pub for some after work brewskis. It was noted by several people that I was drinking diet pop. No worries, I still made an ass of myself even though I was stone cold sober. Save for a taste test of a half of glass of wine last month, I have been alcohol free since mid August or so (and honestly, the wine was good but I didn’t really enjoy it.) Some still ask why I stopped drinking and I always give the same answer: “I had too much fun driving my expensive sports car with one too many beers in me.” Is this the total story? It is not, but it’s a major component of it. I didn’t hit anything or anyone and I didn’t get stopped but I am proud to say that I knew when to stop before something bad did happen. I was acting irresponsibly and I was endangering people that I didn’t even know. That’s not a very good contribution to the world. Plus, I liked the buzz way too much. It’s why I never started smoking or doing drugs; nothing productive comes from it and I know that I would get addicted to it, therefore why start it at all? If I’m going to get through this life I’m going to do it without a buzz assist and see what my senses have to offer me on their own.

Some think that something much more scandalous happened while was I drunk and that’s why I stopped drinking. Please, I don’t need alcohol to do something scandalous. I’ve done many things that would make many people blush whilst I was completely sober. Inhibition is not a problem of mine.

Nevertheless, holiday parties are in full swing and I am occasionally offered a drink by well meaning hosts and friends. You know what, I’d be offended if they didn’t offer me anything! I am honoured but I decline and I mean no offense by it and my decision to not drink shouldn’t impact anyone else’s desire to drink. If you want to have a beer or a twelve-pack then drink up, that’s your business.

Just don’t hurt or kill anyone in the process and allow me to decline gracefully.