June 30, 2013


2013-06-30 19.45.39

So now that they days are officially getting shorter, I have decided to plan ahead by being energy conscious and thoughtful of my winter-time SAD*-type tendencies. I’m kind of proud of the fact that I’m thinking beyond the moment. It’s a quality I strive for these days.

We have been in this house for just shy of 10 years. Just about every room is fitted with recessed lighting, which had existing incandescent indoor flood lights when we moved in.

The lights are finally starting to blow out.

Since it’s ecologically and economically responsible to switch over to CFL2 light bulbs, and because the areas of the house in question are not really candidates for something wicked fancy like the Hue Lighting System from Philips, I have decided to replace all the lightbulbs in a given room with CFL equivalents when one of the incandescent bulbs fail. It would make me completely insane to have a mix of incandescent and CFL bulbs in one room.

I have decided to go with “Natural Daylight” bulbs in rooms that are not typically relaxation areas. These “Natural Daylight” bulbs are made by Utilitech. One of the things that I like about this particular bulb is that it’s instant on (avoiding that annoying warm up period), but more importantly, the light color temperature is at versus 2700K and 3500K usually found warm white and soft white bulbs.

The lighting difference is very noticeable. (We’ll stay with the warmer color temperatures in the more relaxing areas of the house).

Not only are we saving energy, combatting SAD and all that, these bulbs are better for rooms where one gets ready in the morning because with this color temperature you’re able to see the colors of your chosen fashion as if you were standing in outside in the daylight. So we have energy savings, the negation of SAD AND looking fabulous.

It’s a win all the way around.

1 Seasonal Affectation Disorder. 2Compact Fluorescent Lighting.