I am sitting in a Panera near Elmira, New York. I just drove through some snow in nearby Corning and it was a beautiful sight. I suddenly felt excited about the approaching winter and I felt a little flash of holiday spirit for a few moments. It was a good feeling. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving.

This Panera is identical to the location in Watertown. The layout is indistinguishable from it’s northern counterpart. As seems to be a growing trend in what used to be these quasi-trendy restaurants, there is a child running and hopping up and down the entire length of the seating area that goes along one wall. The family that we assume would lay claim to him does nothing to control the child. If he’s not bouncing on the seat he’s jumping on the table. Perhaps he’ll get tired soon.

My little Jeep adventure is turning out to be quite enjoyable this weekend. Little adventures like this recharge my batteries nicely and the rumble of the road, along with seeing friends, exploring some dirt roads in the Jeep all coupled with the scenery such as seen in the pictures below, is just what the doctor ordered. I feel good.


  1. Love those on-the-road adventures that you and I both enjoy. And Panera…..one of my favorites. Our neighborhood one is a Panera Cares….where you pay only what you wish to pay…..more or less than your suggested price.

    1. I saw a sign mentioning Panera cares, but I’m not sure if our stores is one of those locations. I’m going to have to look further into it. I really like Panera, just not the one closest to us because it’s an oddball in an otherwise decent chain.

  2. And of course if the child got hurt during it’s running around, the “parental units” would have probably sued the establishment for some bogus reason.

    I miss my Jeep. 🙁

    1. You’re absolutely right about the parents and the tendency for litigious ways. It makes me crazy.

      I should drive out and let you drive my Jeep sometime. That’d be fun.

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