November 22, 2012


So with a couple of glasses of wine and a most excellent Thanksgiving dinner in my stomach (and affecting my brain), I am wistfully thinking about the holiday season which is now apparently upon us. People are already asking me what I want for Christmas and quite frankly I don’t know that I can answer that question. I mentioned to my mother that I would submit a list for her perusal on Amazon (in wish-list form), but I don’t think that was well received. To tell you the truth, I feel funny building a wish list on Amazon because I don’t really want anything for Christmas.

Truth be known (I seem to be full of truth as I type this blog entry under the influence of wine, which I never really drink), I want the holidays to be spent with family and friends. I want to meet people that read this blog on a daily basis. I want to meet the people that I see in so many photos in Instagram and I want to actually touch those that I am friends with on Facebook (the level of touching is negotiable, calm down Mom).

Earl and I were in San Francisco earlier this year and we did not have the chance to meet people that we wanted to meet because quite frankly there was just too much going on and too little time. Honestly, that sucked. I mean, we enjoyed ourselves in San Francisco and all that but we weren’t there nearly long enough and we didn’t get to meet Moby nor did we get to meet Jay, who was visiting from St. Louis at the time. What’s up with that? I want to meet people. Contrary to my ranting on this blog, I actually do like the human species for the most part and I’m usually quite adept at avoiding those that are dumbing down the gene pool.

Now, I have had the honor of meeting quite a few people that are mentioned in the blog roll that runs along the right side of this page. I’ve had a lovely evening or two with Arnie. Sean and I go waaaaay back. I’ve terrorized Joe. My. God. on more than one occasion (and he was tolerant), Brett was stunning when our paths crossed and I had the pleasure of speaking with Jon in Atlanta on the phone when he was kind enough to call me during a rough spot in our lives. But there’s other fellow bloggers that I want to meet and come hell or high water (and the hopefully the absence of the Mayan Prophecy), we are going east to Kevin and south to meet Jon and west to Erik and Moby and Jay and everyone else that we trade photos, quips and experiences with online.

That’s what I want for the holidays. Communication. Connection. The meeting of like minds.

And I guess that’s another gift that I’ll give myself and quite frankly, I am perfectly content with that.

Giving Thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow US citizens. To others from around the world, I hope you’re enjoying your day.

I was asked this morning as to what I’m thankful for. My response was simple: I am thankful for my family and friends, my life and my exciting future. Enjoy the moment.