November 20, 2012


So it’s that short work week in the United States where people try their hardest to work whilst at work but in reality they’re reveling in the fact that it’s a short work week and just kind of trying to do what they can do to get through these three days before the Thanksgiving holiday. I know that I’m looking forward to an extra day off this week and that I am thankful to work for an employer that believes that Thanksgiving is a time to rest and relax with family and friends. It’s unfortunate that the retailers are corrupting these believes into thinking that Thanksgiving is a day to stand in line to wait for an opportunity to ravage the latest offerings in the way of Black Friday. I hear Black Friday is coming as early as 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving night! I find that disheartening.

While I try to use this week at work to clean up odds and ends that have been lingering on my To Do list for far too long, the truth of the matter is, folks are scheduling way too many meetings for my tastes. I’m not a meetings sort of guy. I’m a “hide in my space and write code” sort of guy and people seem to forget that from time to time. I don’t find sitting on hours and hours of conference calls to be overly productive. But I suppose I should be thankful that I have the opportunity to work at all, there are too many in the world that don’t know where their next meal is coming from. So I suppose I have what Twitter would call a First World Problem.

Earl was productive last night and went to the grocery store and by the looks of the amount of food in the cupboards and the refrigerator, it looks like we are going to have quite the Thanksgiving feast on Thursday. It’ll be a small affair here in our cozy home; just as we have done in years’ past, it’ll be Earl and me and Jamie for Thanksgiving dinner. It’s the way we like our Thanksgiving, quiet and enjoyable. We can save the driving all over creation for later in the holiday season when we are out drinking egg nog and spreading holiday cheer.

Again, another First World Problem.