November 5, 2012


Author’s note: I’ve rewritten this post several times today simply because I didn’t want to sound like a raving lunatic.

So tomorrow is Election Day here in the United States and hopefully every U.S. citizen that is eligible vote will take the opportunity to exercise this right, a right which many in the world do not have. I am looking forward to standing in line, trying to wow the elderly ladies behind the table at the Town Hall and then bitching about the fact that we have to now use Electronic Voting Machines that don’t use Open Source software so we don’t really know what the voting machine is doing, we just have to trust Diebold. Just like we trust that Rapi-scan is not blasting us with radiation just so we can fly to Orlando to see Mickey Mouse.

Ok, I think I might have gotten off to a little bit of a negative tangent with this post and it’s really not where I wanted it to go, but sometimes these things happen. I just call it like it is. It’s my new motto of old. Sugar coating has too many calories.

As I sit down at a table and get ready to color in my dots tomorrow, I will be casting educated votes for the various elections going on. In many instances I don’t believe there is a correct answer or a “right choice”. I believe the best we can do is go for the “better choice”. And sometimes “better” is all you have and say “better” instead of “the lesser of two evils” is putting a positive spin on the whole thing.

Everyone has their own personal reasons as to why they vote for whom they vote for. I know that my vote will not be for the guy that wants to nullify my marriage. When it all boils down to one point in the pros and cons column, I just can’t get beyond that one and that’s what makes our current administration the better choice for me. Hardly the ideal choice, not even the best choice, but he’s the better choice as far as I’m concerned because when all is said and done, it’s all about love. It’s not about money. It’s not about telling others what they can or can’t do. It’s about the Greater Good, and the way we are going to get to the Greater Good is through compassion and love, and my vote is going to the one the shows the most compassion and love and seems to be moving forward towards the Greater Good.