It’s windy outside. The power lines are barely swaying. There is no rain. Leaves are being blown about, but that tends to happen this time of year. They say that we could feel the effects of Hurricane Sandy starting this afternoon. It might make for an interesting ride home. I certainly hope it does.

I have been kind of getting annoyed at work with the hysteria surrounding this storm. There’s a panic in the air that makes me feel all disconcerted. I understand concern and the like, but I think people are being a little dramatic. For example, it makes no sense to me that schools are canceling classes this afternoon, especially in this little part of the country. It makes absolutely no sense to me. I know I sound old when I say this, but I remember school being open when the weather was far worse than this. Closing because of a possible power outage? I remember sitting in Room 108 in second grade, continuing to learn even though there was no power in the building. There was enough light coming through the windows that we could see the work on our desks. That power outage lasted for over two hours, and I remember that because of my fascination with the clock system and watching it be brought back up to time when the power restored. Today they’d close the school down long before I’d have the opportunity to watch the clocks catch up to the current time.

As I type this I’m watching a horse pull an Amish buggy through the parking lot. They don’t seem bothered by the storm. They don’t seem hysterical.

It’s still windy.

It’s interesting to hear the political debates as to how the campaigns will be affected by the storm this week. If there’s lingering power outages, there won’t be electricity to run the voting machines. We wouldn’t have that problem with the older machines, now would we. If President Obama reacts poorly to any disaster as result of this storm, it could cost him the election. It’s all very political.

I’m going to just sit in the Jeep for the remainder of my lunch hour and listen to the sounds of Mother Nature doing her thing. Perhaps it’ll put me in a better frame of mind for the afternoon side of this day.