Monday Soul.

When we were growing up in the mobile home, Mom often watched “Soul Train” on the black and white television in the “dining room” (the original living room before the addition to the trailer) after we were done with the Saturday morning cartoons (and Shazam/Isis and ElectraWoman and DynaGirl). From an early episode of “Soul Train”, from 1972 here’s “I’ll Be Around” by The Spinners. It is still a very awesome track. You can hear samples of “I’ll Be Around” on Michael Moog’s “That Sound”, which was released in 2001.


  1. Again, similar paths. I too grew up in a trailer. I think we moved into a non-mobile home when I was 7 or 8. But I remember watching cartoons and the Mickey Mouse Club growing up.

    1. We moved into the house my dad built across the street from the mobile home when I was 9. I remember that the first night in the house was the night before my first day of 4th grade. There was a disco version of the Mickey Mouse Theme out around that time as well.

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