So last night I finally got my wish and we had some powerful thunderstorms pass through the area. The fun started around 1:00 p.m., knocked power out at work for a little while and then storm after storm passed through the area until about two this morning. I didn’t get a lot of sleep for a number of reasons including the fact that I was excited about the storms, the lightning show was incredibly frequent and bright and the thunderous accompaniment was quite loud. If it hadn’t been a school night I would have stayed up and taken pictures until I couldn’t stay up anymore, but alas, work expects me to be productive and even though it’s Tuesday, I am working from work today because of our vacation that starts tomorrow.

I heard Earl yell several times at the weather radios throughout the house because they kept going off. He’s not a fan of the weather radios. New apps on my iPhone and iPad were constantly alerting us to what was going on outside and Tom put himself into a comfortable brace position for all the fun (comfortable brace position = kitty nap pose near patio door).

I saw several downed trees on my way into work, including in front of one of the houses a few doors down from us. Their powerlines were drooped down to about three feet off the ground. I was curious as to if that’s what caused our power to flicker a couple of times.

The best part of the storms last night was that it gave us the opportunity to see if the new creek/drainage area in the backyard was working properly. And lo and behold, the water was flowing in the creek and the yard was still dry.

Wicked awesome. I did a little happy dance this morning in a symbol of rejoice.