So last night it was insanely hot for this part of the country. When I woke up at 0100, drenched in sweat, I noticed that it was still 81F. This morning at breakfast time it was 79F and the humidity was at 80%. I’m not used to such a warm evening and not having air conditioning in the house is making it mighty hard to sleep at night. Sex is completely out of the question and that makes me cranky.

I said it.

If you follow my Instagram photos (either on Instagram or on the newly built Instagram page available in the menu bar at the top of this page*), you’ll notice that last night I was taking some photos of lightning. I also took a video and posted it on YouTube. The storm in question blew north of us, but it made for some very interesting lightning displays. There was a lot of cloud-to-cloud lightning so the clouds were basically just lighting up in interesting ways. We had a brief sprinkle of rain and some wind, but nothing that was ever going to cool this area down. It was kind of a bummer. I’m in the mood for a wild thunderstorm to blow through; something that’s going to make a ruckus and maybe make the weather station freak out. I like that sort of extreme weather. I always have.

It is currently 90F here at the homestead at lunchtime. Luckily, I figured out how to completely remove the window in my office so that I can have an ample breeze blowing through and keeping it all manageable. The humidity has dropped down to 50% so maybe there’s some relief in sight.

When folks find out that we live in Central New York, famous for its snowfall, they ask how we can live in all that cold weather. Truth be known, I’d much rather be cold than hot. It’s easier to put another layer of clothes on instead of trying to keep cool. If this global warming thing is going to keep things so toasty we might just have to break down and put air conditioning in the house after all.