So last week I talked about how hot it was during my lunch hour. Summer had arrived early and we were all sweating to death when we couldn’t find air conditioned comfort.

Today I am eat chicken soup and thinking about putting on a sweatshirt because it’s gray and 62 degrees out. That Mother Nature is such a hoot, even when she looks like Dorothy’s sister Gloria.

I don’t have a cold or anything because I refuse to have a cold. I think I’m sniffly because we slept with the fan on and it dropped down to around 50 last night. When the windows are open and the fan is blowing on you, you can get sniffly under those circumstances.

Nevertheless, I am eating chicken soup in the luxury of the kitchen while playing around with my Linux computer during my lunch hour. The first official day of the remote part of my new position is going along quite nicely. I’m getting quite a bit accomplished down in my home office.

I’ll probably get more accomplished once I put on a parka to go with my camo shorts.