Work became too hectic today for me to even get away for a lunch break. Luckily it was hot dog grillin’ day at the office and I was able to get two hot dogs, a scoop of potato salad and a few chips. The lunch was to raise money for a local charity. It’s what we do.

There are times when I think I should stop writing in my blog but then I have a day like today where I don’t get the opportunity to do my (mostly) daily entry and then I realize that I would miss it. It’s also in the here and now that I realize that sometimes I write in short, staccato like blurts of information and then there are other times that I write in run-on sentences that would garner a lot of red pen if this sort of thing was being marked up by someone more literate than me.

There is a commercial that runs on a local radio station that contains the line, “so join Christine and myself at the store.” It sounds weird. I know that the English ain’t so goodly either because if you take “Christine and” out of the sentence you’re left with “so join myself at the store.” Now this sort of thing will never make me ‘loose’ my mind but it does bring me close to where I would lose my mind.

The goose is loose. The goose will lose because she lost change.

I just made that up. Remember it.