So I have been craving chocolate milk lately. I don’t know why I have been having this craving because it’s been a long time since I have craved chocolate milk. It’s just something that I’ve been wanting to have and this need is without explanation. I’m pretty sure I’m not pregnant, so that can’t be it. Besides, if I was pregnant, I’d probably do the chop-suey-in-the-purse thing. And I don’t even carry a purse.

I’m digressing.

We have some Nestlé Quik in the house. Actually, I think it’s called Nesquik these days. Back in my day we called it Tang. Maybe we didn’t. I tried the Nesquik and it did nothing for me. It tasted a little too syrupy and didn’t satisfy my craving. I think I might have licked the ceiling a few times after drinking it, though, because it seemed really sweet. No, I had to have chocolate milk from the Byrne Dairy, a dairy corporation native to Central New York. I grew up on milk from the Byrne Dairy at school (our milk at home first came from a milkman, then it came from pails from the farm down the street, then it came from wherever Mom stopped that night for groceries, but usually the Byrne Dairy and it was in a glass bottle.) I was always given the extra 8¢ on a daily basis so I could by an extra chocolate milk. Sometimes I bought one chocolate and one white. Each was a half pint and Mrs. Spath always charged me extra for the cheaper of the two. She was nice like that.

Since I dropped a few hints on Facebook I thought that there might be some chocolate milk at home when I arrived from work, but alas, Earl is not feeling well today and as I did my employment duties Jamie made sure that he was okay (he is). Chocolate milk was not high on the priority list. I hid my slight disappointment.

Jamie ran out to pick up supper and on his way home, low and behold he stopped at the really expensive Fastrac and picked up a half gallon of chocolate milk. I just had some after noticing that it wasn’t from the Byrne Dairy but rather from Upstate Farms. I have been told via Facebook that Upstate Farms is a Western New York based dairy corporation. Their chocolate milk is quite tasty and much closer to what I expected versus the Nesquik stuff I had. My craving has been met for the time being, but I think the two glass bottles pictured above will be replaced by two new bottles on Tuesday: a half gallon of skim milk (for cereal!) and and half gallon of chocolate milk (because it tastes so good!)

In the meantime I thank Jamie for his efforts on my behalf and I will enjoy this real chocolate milk import from Buffalo.