People Watching.

I love people watching. I simply adore the sport and quite frankly I could spend hours and hours in my own little place of a busy space and watch the people go by going through their routine, wherever it may be. Whether it be a busy airport, a restaurant, the shopping mall; these are all wonderful places to do some pretty good people watching. Walt Disney World is no exception.

One of the things I find fascinating about Disneyworld is the mixture of cultures that is found here, both from folks from different parts of the country and from folks around the world. This morning I watched a family come trodding through the bushes to the bus stop, wearing what looked like Hefty bags for rain gear instead of the Disney-branded rain ponchos just spontaneously start conversing with a family that was wearing high-end foul weather gear that had arrived in a decked out Escalade. Forced to sit next to each other on the bus, it was only a few moments where the matronly woman of the Hefty bag set was talking to the Grand Dame of the Escalade set and before you know it they were talking like they were long lost friends. The southern accent and the New England lack of “r”s were contrasting in the conversation, but they found a common ground and seemed to be getting along really well.

I find this fascinating.

I watched a couple that appeared to be my age play on the bus with their two children. He looked like the business type, she looked like the well groom mother of the 00s type and they had two daughters that appeared to be adopted as they were both from differing ethnicities. That made my heart warm. No worries about color or the like, just lots of love.


A waiter at one of the restaurants today commented on my moustache and how he used to have one until he moved to the states, where at 21 or 22 years old (quite a while ago) he shaved it off to fit in better. His father was dismayed as he felt that a man should always have a moustache, at least where he is from. I didn’t know that there was that much importance on moustaches elsewhere in the world.

You learn something everyday.

The weather has been soggy for most of the day. It’s the only day of our vacation where the weather forecast indicates rain and the showers have been right on cue. Watching how people find ways to still enjoy themselves in the rain has been interesting to me. Some choose to just wear their regular clothes and go all out wet, others make it a wet t-shirt contest and the majority of park guests don the ponchos and still stand in lines to see the attractions. It’s good to be in an atmosphere where the spirits are high.

My heart and mind are soaring.

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