March 23, 2012


So yesterday evening Earl came home from an overnight in Buffalo and got all caught up on his personal email and the like. Part of this ritual involves catching up on various blogs. Like a dutiful husband, the first blog on his reading list was mine. I could tell this because he said, “Oh!”.

This was apparently a comment about the cosmetic changes I made to the blog yesterday. I knew this through intuition.

“What do you think of the new look?”

He smiled and said, “I like it, though I think it’s a little too dark.”

If anyone had looked at the blog on multiple occasions yesterday, you may have noticed that I had changed the color of the theme several times before settling on a darker-grey theme. Previous selections had been orange, flaming red (*insert snorts of laughter here*) and a pleasant variation of putrid.

I fired up my laptop across from him and took a look and at that moment I decided that yes, it looked a little too dark. Perhaps it was from spending the day in the sun or from the fact that I just feel somewhat giddy these days, but the look of the blog did not convey what I wanted it to convey.

Click, click and a press of the ENTER button and I changed the color scheme to one that was called “Air”.

“Please press refresh.”

Before he asked how to do that, I said, “click the arrow pointing to itself or press Open Apple-R”. I still forget that it’s “Command-R” or “Clover-R” because I’m obstinate that way.

“Much better.”

I often say I don’t care what others think but that’s actually an outright lie. I do care and I care most to strive to get the seal of approval from the big guy. And that affirmation made my day even sunnier.

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