March 21, 2012


Night., originally uploaded by TheTechBear.

This is one of my first attempts at taking a night shot. I used a tripod and everything.


So last night Earl and I sat down to do some catching up on the DVR. Our choices in DVRed shows has wained this television season, so the “to watch” list isn’t as long as it has been before after a vacation, but there were a few things I wanted to watch so it was good to just sit down and relax.

One of the shows that I have completely lost interest in is “Private Practice”. The original reason for my interest in the show when it premiered was because Amy Brenneman was part of the ensemble cast. There’s just something very enjoyable I find in Ms. Brenneman and her presence on “Private Practice” has been a definite attraction for me, but when blood was spilled on the floor of her character’s home for a second time, I decided that the show had jumped the shark as far as I’m concerned and I haven’t watched it since. Earl kind of wants to see how the season ends up before taking it off the DVR permanently, but I guess we’ll just let the episodes sit there until we have nothing better to do until we make the final decision on that.

We did watch “The Big Bang Theory” last night and while I found it mildly amusing, the thing I instantly noticed about the show is that they had a new laugh track that sounded completely out of control. Instead of the usual chuckles (and Lucille Ball’s mother going “uh oh”) being piped in from an audience from several decades ago, this laugh tracked laughed and chortled and screamed in hysterics in such a way that could only mean several hyenas were in heat. While there were elements of the episode that I did find funny, and I think I may have laughed out loud on one occasion, the canned audience was going absolutely nuts in a cocoa-for-cuckoo-puffs way that sounded completely out of place. I found it disconcerting. In fact, I found it as equally disconcerting as Sheldon’s new “I’m covering up my thinning hair” hair style he adopted late last year. Oh, as a quick aside, I personally find Kaley Cuoco to be the driving force of the comedy of that show as Sheldon’s character has gone way down Urkel Boulevard.

The other show we watched last night was “Smash”. Now, I have a little bit of hard time wrapping my head around this show for a variety of reasons. First of all, back in the days when I found “American Idol” mildly amusing, I found Katherine McPhee to be kind of snotty. Her snottiness actually rubbed off from her mother, whom I found takes herself way too seriously. Granted, Ms. McPhee has a lot of talent and it is being wonderfully showcased on this show, but it took me a little while to get beyond the “oh there’s the snotty girl” stage when watching her character on the screen.

Another struggle that I’m having with “Smash” is Debra Messing. First of all, I enjoy Ms. Messing and I’m glad that she’s trying to break out of being typecast as a Grace Adler (from “Will and Grace”) character, but because her character is often paired with the obnoxious gay guy I find myself looking for “Grace” moments. “She made a Grace face!” “She almost spun her finger and went ‘whoa’!” “She said the same thing to Will!” The personality of her character on “Smash” is riding a fine line of being rather similar to her character “Will and Grace” but perhaps this will change with the progression of the show. I like her, I just need to stop watching for the Grace moments.

I think the blonde character on the show is named Ivy. I get that she’s suppose to be unlikeable but I think the actress plays her way too unlikeable. Maybe that’s the rub; perhaps I’m suppose to want Katherine McPhee to stomp her bleached head into the dirt, but I don’t think that I should want to put a combat boot through our HD TV. All I hear is auto tune when she sings and on the episode I watched last night I wanted her to have some sort of hideous, grotesque side effect to the steroids she was taking so that she would be gone; I find her über annoying and if others weren’t in the room I’d fast forward through her parts.

I will say that I enjoy the premise of the show and I enjoy the music because it sounds less contrived than on that I’m-going-to-lose-my-gay-card-because-I-don’t-like-it “Glee”. The singing sounds less robotic than on “Glee”. Oh, speaking of which, I did catch a few moments of the latest episode of “Glee” and I was completely lost so apparently we were watching some alternate universe of the show or character development went in eighteen different directions at a really fast pace because people were getting married, others were pregnant and a really bad green screened truck slammed into a car in a very special episode.

Back to “Smash”. One of the things that I appreciate about the show is that based on the theatre folks I have hobnobbed with over the years, I think the show is in the right ballpark as far as the going ons in that sort of theatre setting. I’m going to give it a few more episodes to make a final determination but right now it’s still on my “enjoyable” list.

One show that I am anxious to catch up on is “Happy Endings”. We have watched a couple of episodes this season and I have thoroughly enjoyed them. I bought the entire season on iTunes so we can catch up during any rainy days this summer. I am looking forward to that!