Candid Camera.


As I continue to revel in full out geek mode this week, I take great delight in getting a webcam working on my Linux computer for the first time in my computer history. Naturally I made a goofy face for such an occasion.

The addition of this webcam will certainly make it easier for the warrantless wiretappers to keep track of my conversations online. Perhaps I’ll moon the new camera repeatedly to make it interesting for them. I hear my ass is quite identifiable.

I joke about the bill that was passed by the Senate today but in truth I am saddened by it all. I feel like our great democracy is crumbling before our very eyes. Most think that 9/11 was the greatest crime against the United States; I believe the greatest crime is her citizens willingly giving up their freedoms, all in the name of freedom. It’s interesting to note that last October Obama said he would filibuster this bill, today he voted for it. (Kudos to Clinton and Schumer for their ‘nay’s.)

My choices in November are increasingly feeling like “the lesser of two evils”, once again.