I saw a political ad put out by a Republican Super PAC thanking Senator Kyrsten Sinema for her continued support of the Republican agenda in Congress.

Of course, Senator Kyrsten Sinema is a Democrat, but that apparently was just a ploy to ride coattails or something. She was voted into office before we moved to Arizona. When her term is up I’m really, really hopeful something challenges her in the primary and gets her off the ballot. She hasn’t done much of anything good for society. She voted against a federally minimum wage, she didn’t show up to vote on the January 6 commission, and she continues to side with the Republicans when it comes to the filibuster.

But she dresses up in hip wigs and cool skirts, so we’re suppose to think she’s edgy and hip.

She’s not. She’s just another corporately sponsored politician in Washington and she’ll do what she’s told to do by the highest bidder.


I always thought Texas wanted to secede from the United States because they have they’re own little country going on down there, with their own rules, big hair, big trucks, and quite frankly, too many people with shit for brains.

I could easily go on a long rant about how stupid and idiotic things are in The Lone Star state. The whole loss of electricity last winter. The rampant COVID-19 blowing through the population. Now they’ve set up a citizens tattling system where any citizen can sue anyone involved with a suspected abortion after the first six weeks of pregnancy. The Uber driver, the doctor, the security guard at the clinic, the woman, the man, hell, probably even the fetus. No evidence is required, just an anonymous tip to a website and if the accused doesn’t show up they default to guilty and $10K in fines are some other such nonsense. Feels like McCarthyism with a more sadistic twist to me. Anyone that thinks this is a good idea is out of their god damn mind.

Of course, the tainted Supreme Court of the United States ruled to let the new stay while they figure things out because Trump, McConnell, and the fucktard set put judges on the bench that have no right or merit to be there. The Supreme Court, as it is today, is a joke and if they weren’t so dangerous with their idiocy I couldn’t care less what they had to say.

This is a huge step in order to nullify Roe v Wade, and if anyone thinks the idiots on the Supreme Court are going to protect anything like gay rights or voter rights or anything else that isn’t man at work-wife in the kitchen-and 2.5 children-only white thank you, you’re an idiot too.

I’m sure that busted up old hag in Maine (Susan Collins) is very concerned. Of course the lobster fucktards up there voted her back in because they’re stupid and probably dying of butter poisoning because we all know lobster is nothing more than a butter delivery system. Meanwhile, in Arizona we’re stuck with some fuckwit (Kyrsten Sinema) that dresses up in skirts and wigs and does cutsie dances while denying people a raise in minimum wage.

But I’m not going to rant.


The counts have been projected for all 50 states of the union at Joe Biden is projected to get 306 electoral college votes and is the next President of the United States. Unless, of course, Trump resigns early so Pence pardon him, and then Biden slides into the role as #47. With the topsy turvy asshattery of the Trump administration, who knows what will happen. But despite all the hand wringing and fake lawsuits and use of CAPS LOCK to denote FACTS and TRUTH in tweets and the like, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have 306 votes and will be the next President and Vice President.

Trump cheerleader Kellyanne Conway talked about a 306-232 victory in 2016 and said it best.

It is my ultimate wish to never hear from her or her ilk again. I’m hopeful the Trumps and their cult followers will go back under the rocks they used to live under and we’ll get back to building a better United States. Of course, this is a pie in the sky fantasy, but the important thing is that Biden will be President and that signals that better times are ahead for us.

I think Joe Biden was the best realistic choice for the 2020 Presidential Election. I hope his message of unity and reconciliation will reach those that need to hear it. But at least the hopefully worse part of this nightmare is coming to an end.



Regardless of the outcome, I will be happy when the 2020 Presidential Election is behind us. Of course I prefer one candidate over the other, however, the stress of all of this election related crap on the news channels is enough to make me want to hide somewhere until it blows over.

The outcome will affect how I feel about this country, but the uncertainty of it all right now is the stress of the moment. I’ll worry about the rest once I know what we’re in for.


I’m still on Facebook. Now look it, before you throw red paint at me or point at me and scream “shame!”, I will say that I have no idea why I’m still on Facebook. It’s not particularly innovative. It’s a gross perversion of development skills. It’s an abuse of network connectivity and it’s an abomination of technology, essentially raping society of all its useful resources.

But it’s how people keep in touch. I hang my head in shame.

For the past 48 hours the big kick on Facebook has been to show your support for the United States Postal Service. People are posting avatars and photos and showing other signs of support by saying things like, “if you live in a very blue neighborhood, drive to a red leaning neighborhood post office to mail you ballot!”.

Oh golly gee isn’t that a great idea.

Here’s the thing, how about we convince the elected officials we’ve put in office to do their job and get the postal service working the way it was intended to work.

I have a package coming to me from Cincinnati, Ohio. I have no idea what this package is but I got some email with a tracking number proclaiming the arrival of this Priority Mail package from Cincinnati, Ohio last Monday.

Cincinnati, Ohio is 295 miles from where I sit right now. We are on day 10 and the damn package still hasn’t arrived. I don’t know what the package is, I don’t care what the package is, but quite frankly it was sent by Priority Mail and it basically hasn’t found its way across the state of Indiana in 10 days.

The folks at the Post Office know nothing. I know nothing. The tracking number app knows nothing. No one knows anything.

This is what makes America Great. Right? Susan Sarandon and her friends say there was no difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton so you might as well vote for the woman that sat on crystals. What was her name? Jill Stein? Yeah, it took a Google search for me to remember that. And I have a memory like a steel trap.

Susan Sarandon can go rotate on a lawn sprinkler shooting out boiling water for all I care.

It’s 2020 and we don’t even have a functional post office. Yet I have friends and families declaring that things are wonderful under Trump and life is great again in America. What the hell is wrong with these people?

Things are not great. When we need to publish guides for voters to drive to “more white” areas of the country to reliably mail their ballots we have something seriously wrong with these “United” States. Small wonder Angela Merkel is now considered the most powerful world leader.

But people post things on Facebook like it’s going to make a difference. Wreath wrappers on their picture. Ribbons. Rainbow colors. Postage stamp graphics. It doesn’t make a difference. Posting your protest on Facebook is a feel good maneuver and nothing more.

You know what makes a difference? Making phone calls. Screaming at switchboard operators that don’t want to forward you to voicemail. Voting. Putting up signs. Going to protests. Making your voice heard.

Facebook? It’s a waste of time. Your update is like screaming into an echo chamber. It’ll generate ad revenue and nothing more.

Do something. Make a phone call. Make someone cry. Make a difference.

Dun Dun.

Walter and Maude Findlay’s neighbor Arthur Harmon was a staunch Republican. Now, he didn’t use many of the words that his contemporary Archie Bunker used, though he did use some, but like Archie he had a Republican view on the early and mid 1970s. When discussing municipal laws around the arrival of a gay bar to Tuckahoe, N.Y., Arthur proclaims the Republican Party is the party of Law and Order. There are laws in this country and they must be obeyed.

Trump likes to tweet in all caps. LAW AND ORDER! We’ve never had a president that lived by Twitter before this fiasco began. It seems like a really crude way to communicate to the American people. As if having Twitter becoming a publicly traded company made it any more legitimate. But an illegitimate president tweeting and barking orders makes sense here in this Age of Chaos.


Who the hell knows what Trump is talking about with these barks formulated by his tiny little hands. I’d say maybe a third of the American populace really cares what he has to say but the news channels hang on every tweet, every character, every slip, every indication. I gave up trying to understand Donald Trump back when Julia Sugarbaker was telling him off in Prime Time.

Here in the late 2010s and into 2020 the Republican Party is the complete opposite of what they were back in the 1970s. Oh, there’s plenty of them that are trying to Schlafly their way through life, twisting words, spinning sentences, and hating just as hard as they can, but the Republican Party can no longer claim to be the party of Law And Order. That went out the window years ago. Law and Order is complying with subpoenas. Law and Order is not raping American tax dollars for personal gain. Law and Order is respecting the United States Constitution.

So when Trump bangs out LAW AND ORDER in a tweet, we are left to do one thing.

Respond with CAGNEY AND LACEY.

It’s just as ridiculous.

Again, No Words.

I don’t want to live here anymore. Take your pick: Chicago or United States or Earth. My heart weeps for our country. My heart weeps for our planet.

Not my photo


I had a small epiphany this morning during my morning walk. During this COVID-19 crisis that has gripped the planet for the past couple of months, I have done my best to keep abreast of what’s going on in the news. Follow the news outlets during this crisis, coupled with the ramped political unevenness we’ve been riding for the past several years, is like getting bludgeoned with a sledgehammer on a daily basis.

Honestly, my time and mental health are worth much more than I have allowed them to be.

I freely admit that I’m not a fan of a Trump (to put it mildly). The guy has been an asshole since entering the public eye way back in the 80s. He was an asshole, he is an asshole, and he will always be an asshole. The mere sound of his voice makes me want to punt our very large television off the balcony.

So why the hell am I subjecting myself to news about him or from him? He rarely adds anything constructive to the national dialog. He is constantly boasting and bending the truth and being prideful. I can’t understand how his followers can tolerate his incessant pridefulness. My attempts to rationalize his behavior to ultimately filter out some news about the pandemic have been futile. And more startling, my rationalization has been a huge distraction to my way of life.

We’re going to get through this just fine, with or without Trump. There is very little about my life that is going to change whether or not I hang on every word belched out by the news media. I don’t need to know the minutia of Trump said this or Pelosi said that for my life to continue.

I don’t need the distractions. My mental health can’t take the distractions. So I’m allowing myself a quick summary of the daily news twice a day and then I’m going to focus on my family, my friends, and my work.

Twitter is also a big contributor to the decline of civil discourse in this country. My problem with Twitter is that I also have a lot of aviation and other geek friends on there and it’s an outlet for me since I can’t get to an airport and hang out with other pilots right now. So I’ve eschewed the official Twitter app (again) and turned off all notifications. Twitter is not worth the time sink. Like the news, I’ll periodically scan and contribute but under no circumstances will I go down the tweeted replies rabbit holes. They’re an endless pit of despair.

I’ve been feeling a little more uneven this week when compared to the past couple of weeks during these uneven times. I feel like more weight is building on all our shoulders. It’s time to shake off what we can, tune out the unproductive noise, and stand up straight again.

I’ll be better off for it.