The Locked Thing.

Many have noticed that there are a couple of “locked” entries on my blog. I have received e-mails asking what these entries are and the reason that they can’t see them. So here’s the deal.

While I don’t track statistics all that much, I know that there are many, many readers of my blog and for the most part my blog is PG rated. I might drop a few f-bombs here and there but usually I talk about everyday observations of a myriad of topics in a candid, conversational way. It is something that I enjoy doing and in a way it allows me to process random thoughts that are zinging about my head. However, once in a while I feel the need to write about more controversial topics (read “sex”). Always cognizant of my surroundings (in this case, a general idea of who is reading the blog), I find myself without an outlet for some of my seedier discussions. Hence, the locked blog entries. They allow me to write about things I have seen, thought about or experienced over the years AND have some sort of control as to who is reading the content of these entries. I’m not ashamed of what I write in these blog entries in any way, but I’m not ready to discuss the contents of them at the next family reunion or over the water cooler at work.

If you’re interested in the content of the locked entries, drop me an e-mail and we’ll chat a bit and I’ll get you set up for access.