Job Ready.

Dressed Up For a Job Interview today.

So today I had a job interview. It was actually an interview to be a student assistant/engineering intern for the summer with the Department of Transportation. I had given up hope that the opportunity would come along, but apparently I was a little premature in that line of thought.

I feel like the interview went well. I was surprisingly relaxed during the discussion which lasted much longer than I had originally anticipated. I think that’s a good sign. I’m more excited than ever about the new career path that lies ahead. I am ready for the next big challenge. I’ll find out at the end of this or beginning of next week if I made the grade.

And yes, my tie was straight when I went into the interview.


  1. You should get the job on just how you look!!!!!!!! You look very handsome and lovely buddy. I hope you get the job and get word very soon about it!

  2. JP…in…tie…..mind…going…fuzzy…body parts….tingling….no hope of concentrating…..why is the room so…hot…pants too tight….can’t focus…JP…tie…JP…tie…

    pant pant pant


    (un, oh yeah, hope the interview goes/went well)

  3. Fingers crossed for you! And women ain’t the only ones who go crazy for a sharp-dressed man…woofalicious!

  4. JP I have no doubt you made a great impression, and with all the experience you’ve had with your hobbies and your hard studies, you will conquer the budget squeeze – You look great and the lengthy interview bodes well for the results. Love you.

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